Running Consumer Campaigns Through Mobile Apps

In the previous post we had looked at how the Indian mobile ecosystem has gone through a transformation in the last decade and how loyalty programs can be run through mobile apps now owing to that transformation. In this post we look at how consumer campaigns can also be run through mobile apps.

The fundamental difference between execution of trade loyalty programs as opposed to consumer campaigns is the relatively much lower ticket size and frequency of purchases at a consumer level. These points need to be kept in mind while designing the mobile apps for them too. While a trade loyalty app can be functional and utilitarian, a consumer facing app should focus more on the design and the branding.

The best suited consumer campaigns for mobile interface are those which involve lucky rewards or raffles. In these campaigns the most critical loop is of collection of documents and updating the consumers on reward status. Both these objectives can be very easily achieved through deployment of mobile apps.

Firstly, by having a mobile app, consumers can start their reward claiming process right at the point of purchase. The moment the customer leaves the point of purchase, the odds of getting her back to a system to claim the reward tend to drop horribly. By deploying convenient mobile apps the participation in the scheme can be maximised.

The documents that need to be uploaded (usually proof of purchase(invoice), PAN card, address proof, etc) can also be very easily uploaded through a mobile app. The information can also be extracted in an organised manner so that time taken for collation and verification of documents reduces drastically.

The customers can also be intimated of their reward status through in-app notifications and messages. Having a detailed view of the reward status, customers are less likely to call up the helpdesk. This will in turn lead to better productivity and better resolution of grievances which need human intervention.

Lastly, having a mobile app for a consumer campaign also leads to much better brand perception. Customers participate in the program actively and take back lot of positive association. The branding and communication driven through mobile apps is also invaluable.

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