Shopper Communication through Mystery Shopping Software

Any mystery shopping firm relies on freelancers to do the groundwork who have typically registered on a portal and log in to see if any relevant shops are available or not.

These freelancers are never at the direct control of the firm and work as per their own availability, bandwidth and preferences. It is paramount that these freelancers are continuously engaged and communicated the latest updates regarding mystery shopping and the organization.

The next generation of mystery shopping software takes care of this requirement and integrates various communication and feedback modules to interact with the shopper at every stage of the mystery shopping cycle.

The mystery shopping software should have the functionality to send out different types of communications viz. Emails, push notifications and SMS to the mystery shoppers so they are up to date about the latest developments.

 It is important to keep the mystery shoppers informed if one wants to keep them engaged.

A mystery shopping software should keep the them up to date by triggering notifications of significant events. The notifications should generate without any lag. Mystery shopping software should be capable of sending the information both on the mobile app as well as the web portal as soon as an action is triggered at the project administrator’s end.

A true Next-gen mystery shopping software should have the capability to send out graphics over the mail to the mystery shoppers so that the visual perspective is also taken care by the system rather than doing that manually. Apart from sending out mails regarding the available opportunities the mystery shoppers should be intimated about the various actions taken at the project administrator side on the reports submitted by them. Whether the report submitted by the mystery shoppers is approved, rejected or is sent back to them then in all the scenarios the mystery shoppers should be well informed and communicated about all the information through mails and push notifications.

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