Technology usage in Consumer Campaigns

One of the most popular consumer campaigns is to have a lucky draw or scratch card or some other mechanism to give rewards to consumers. You can make a subset of your consumers very happy by giving them huge rewards, get the entire base excited as anyone can win the rewards and manage the entire campaign within a smaller budget.

But the biggest pain point in the management of such campaigns is the difficulty in communicating with large set of customers who have won the rewards in a smooth fashion. Handling the logistics of the entire campaign is a tough task. In this article we cover the various technological solutions that can be deployed to ease the process.

· Customer interface

Not having a proper interface where the customers can claim the rewards and check their status is a recipe for generating escalations and ruining customer experience. Having a good web system where the customers can file a claim, upload documents and check the verification/shipment status is very important for the success or failure of the campaign. The system should connect to a database which speaks to all the other modules and display the latest status to the customers. There should be security checks built into the system such as OTP validation, Security protocols to protect against SQL injection and DDOS attacks, etc.

· CRM System

CRM system would essentially be used to store the entire data of the customers and would be accessed by the helpdesk and management teams to check and update the various stages of a reward. Helpdesk staff specially should be able to access all the data for a reward at any instant so that they are able to handle the queries that would come through the helpdesk. Automatic SMS and Email communication engines should be built into that so that the customers are updated whenever there is a change in reward status

· Verification System

On large scale campaigns there should be a dedicated verification team whose job is to go through and validate the documents uploaded by the customers. In all these campaigns customers are supposed to submit the invoice and their ID/Address proofs. Rewards should be shipped only after thorough verification of the documents. This system would act as the audit trail for all the rewards and should have maker-checker protocols enabled.

· Client Interface – Dashboards

Managers who have commissioned such projects need to have access to live updates on the data so that they can keep tabs on the progress. By giving clients interface through which they can access the data would ensure smooth relationship between them and the agency managers by eliminating the need to create regular reports and have lot of conversations. Building dashboards using this data through which the key metrics can be gauged at a glance is the cherry on top. One can go one step further to slice the data and give role based access to various managers and channel partners at the client side so that everybody has access to the data on their fingertips.

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