5 Key Drivers of Distributor Satisfaction

The Indian retail market is predominantly unorganized as organized retail just accounts for close to 10% of country’s annual retail business. All the major industries like FMCG, Pharma, Building material, Plywood, Sanitaryware, Tyres etc. are primarily unorganized and require state or region level distributors to penetrate their products, given the way the markets are structured and operated. This coupled with high competition intensity in these industries, makes it extremely important for manufacturers or brands to ensure satisfaction of their distributor network.  

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3 Ways to put Qualitative Research into Practice

Qualitative research delves into consumer’s opinions, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions & experiences on a given subject of interest. A lot of times researchers find themselves in a dilemma about the choice between quantitative and qualitative research or whether to use both for a research objective.

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Essentials of Analyzing Qualitative Research Data

Qualitative research primarily includes depth interviews and focus group discussions. Qualitative research involves deriving consumer attitudes, opinions & beliefs from responses which are typically unstructured in nature and mostly contains verbatims & quotes. It is unlike quantitative data analysis which follows a formula-like procedure that can be systematically and analytically applied.

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Basics of Focus Group Participant Selection

One of the integral elements in defining success of a focus group is careful recruitment of participants. The researcher needs to ensure that certain people are kept out of the group.

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Essentials of Retail Location Planning - Part 2

Continuing the previous article on retail location planning, we will further look at some of the more tactical location parameters to be kept in mind when choosing the location of a retail store.

A good general location is not enough. A retailer has to ensure that the specific site at the location has to be equally suitable. The following 5 factors will help the retailer to choose the most appropriate site:

1. Visibility

A good site is one that can be seen by pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Shoppers hesitate to go to a quiet side street or an excluded corner in a mall. A shop located at the entrance of a mall or on a major road has high visibility. Some successful malls are designed in such a way that the shops face the central courtyard, and when shoppers enter the malls, they will be able to see the shops on the first and second levels. In some malls, the signs of the shops on the third level can be seen even at the first level.

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