How Mystery Shopping Can Help Evaluate Customer Experience Through Web-based Communication Channels?

Customer service is the backbone of any business and it has always been a priority element for the brand. With technology taking majority of the workload, it is imperative for the brands to bring in digital modes of communication with their customers and hence more and more businesses are moving to web-based communication channels like Live chat, email or website, as they are easy and the most cost-effective modes of communication.

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How Mystery Shopping can help evaluate Consumer Experience at Beauty Salons?

With growing urbanization and rising disposable incomes, consumers have started availing a variety of services from salons. There has been an increasing frequency of visit to salons and like any other service, repeat purchase depends on the service professional and the quality of service delivered. These salons are the ones where services are offered by skilled staff, but at the same time the customer is also paying for and expecting an experience: one that is pleasing, relaxing and enjoyable.

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Measuring Customer Experience at QSR’s through Mystery Shopping

Quick Service restaurants (QSR) continue to be a significant segment of the Indian Food Service Industry. However, since it is one of the most out there, it is also affected by stiff competition from roadside food stalls which play on low price to branded fast-food chains (like McDonald’s, Burger King) which play on standardized processes. The customer experience provided can make all the difference when it comes to delighting the customers, driving revenue, improving customer loyalty and increasing profit. 

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Assessing Consultative Selling through Mystery Shopping

Products & services are sold by way of different approaches. In retail segments where there is significant product, price or service delivery differentiation, sales staff focus more on product-based selling, that is, showcasing features over benefits.

For segments where the product or service is homogeneous and there is high competition intensity, sales staff try to provide solution-based selling, which is often called as consultative selling. Consultative selling believes in establishing a dialogue with the prospective customer, thereby understanding their way of life and then try to fit a solution through their product or service offering.

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Measuring Dining Experience through Restaurant Mystery Shopping

Food service has always been a high potential industry given the rise in consumer disposable incomes and higher occasions of eating out. However, consumers tend to have less loyalty for restaurants. This coupled with stiff competition makes restaurants develop points of differentiation to attract repeat consumers. Some restaurants have food as their point of differentiation, some have location & ambiance while some have service.

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