Measuring Customer Experience at Real Estate Site through Mystery Shopping

Real estate is a high consideration purchase – both in terms of value and time invested by customers.  For such industries, customer experience is of integral importance which includes every touch point the customer interacts with – from how quickly a brand responds to their inquiries through various mediums of communication (website/call/email) to how the experience turns out to be at sales office and site visit.

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Essentials of conducting Restaurant Kitchen Operational Audits

A large proportion of population loves eating out. They love the food and almost visits some restaurant every week. But what if one day you come to know that your favorite restaurant kitchen does not have a pest control certification or uses stale ingredients etc.

With restaurants comes restaurant aggregators like Zomato, Dineout and EazyDiner which lists prominent restaurants as well as customer reviews and feedback about them. Bad reviews dampen the image of a restaurant and does not usually end up becoming a likely choice of customers.

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Measuring After Sales Service Experience through Mystery Shopping

Even if a brand manufactures good products at great prices, a poor after-sales service experience can tarnish its reputation. Most likely, we all have had a poor experience with after-sales service at some point in our life - be it for a smartphone, TV or a consumer appliance. Whether an inordinate delay in getting fixed, application of expensive spare parts or worse, constantly reaching out to customer care with limited or no success, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong with an after-sales service experience. And it’s something that can get even the best products down or alienate customers from a brand.

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Assessing Manpower Integrity through Mystery Shopping

“In looking for people to hire, look for 3 qualities: Integrity, Intelligence & Energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” - Warren Buffet

Mystery Shopping can be very well utilized to anonymously evaluate Staff integrity through trained shoppers. Several retail segments like Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Hotels & Restaurants etc. use Mystery shopping to identify the loopholes in their system and avoid the consequences.

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Measuring Service Quality through Mystery Shopping

Service quality is the delivery of excellent or superior service relative to customer expectations. Due to the inherent characteristics of services like intangibility, inseparability and heterogeneity, the measurement of service quality perceptions have been one of the most debated topics.

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