Must-Have Shopper Features in Mystery Shopping Software

Ease of usability of the mystery shopping software is as important as the aesthetic appeal of the Mystery Shopping Software. Making a good impression amongst a mystery shopper is critical for the mystery shopping software as it should be easy to use and navigate as well as it need to look aesthetically appealing. Most of the mystery shopping platforms tend to ignore this aspect of their software and try to inculcate multiple features in their software. The mystery shopping software should be easy to use and easy to understand for a layman. The Mystery Shopper Software provider should focus on keeping it simple rather than making complex features in the software which are difficult to understand for the mystery shopper. Following features must be there in the mystery shopping software to help the mystery shoppers with their jobs:

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Add-On Services Desired from a Mystery Shopping Software Provider

The Mystery Shopping Software should help the organizations to fully automate their mystery shopping operations and end to end streamlining of their back-end operations. The selection of the mystery shopping software provider is dependent on several factors, out of which the services offered by a Mystery Shopping Software provider is one of the critical parameters. If a Mystery Shopping Software has lot of advanced features but the after sales service of that software provider are not good then all the advanced features of that software are of no use. For the selection of a mystery shopping software provider the companies rely on the Services offered by the software provider to make sure that they have an endless support for the software. Following are the few services that a mystery shopping software provider should provide to its customers:

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Planogram Compliance Audit using Retail Audit Software

Planograms are visual representation of a store’s products and services – designed to help retailers ensure that the right merchandise is consistently on display, and that inventory is controlled at a level that guarantees that the right number of products are on each shelf. The goal of the companies is to have the right product, in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right price and at the right time. Additionally, planograms help in creating a uniform store appearance – vital for retailers operating from multiple locations. 

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Retail Audit Software vs Traditional Retail Audits

Retail audits are a way for business not only to increase compliance with visual, corporate, and safety standards, but also to keep a tight grip on issues that might hurt the bottom-line, such as out-of-stocks.

However, traditionally retail audits process was quite inefficient and cumbersome, since they involve paperwork and data transcription. Retail audit software allows field reps and store personnel to perform audits on personal or shared smartphones and tablets. With retail audit software, executives can plan audits to gain insight into all aspects of their business, as well as schedule them at the appropriate intervals. 

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How to Choose the Right Mystery Shopping Software Provider

Mystery shopper programs are an excellent way to measure various parameters like frontline staff performance, monitor ongoing projects, track deadlines, recognize stellar customer service provider and uncover potential service issues. To efficiently manage the mystery shopping operations and tackle the problems related auditing operations an organization should have a mystery shopping software provider. The following are some helpful criteria a retail marketing agency should look for in a mystery shopping software while choosing a right mystery shopping software provider:

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