How To Transition A Large Scale VM Program In 30 Days.?

Before we step ahead on discussion regarding subject mentioned above we first need to understand how to analyze the requirement of change in VM agency to which you are currently associated.

Expectation of the brand could be with regards to increase in productivity, quality of execution, control mechanisms, hygiene or discipline management. When things are not going in the right direction as per the desired criteria or you have not seen any improvement in the quality of working since long after setting the expectations - it may betime to change the agency. 

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Field Team Management - Burn the frills and get back to basics.

The biggest complaint I hear from almost all the companies we meet in the course of our business is about the challenge of managing their field sales teams. These teams of TSEs, TSIs, SOs, ASMs etc. are a significant asset for most companies, and they are willing to do what it takes to make them work at their highest potential. Companies run fancy programs that involve foreign travel, CEO Clubs, parties and celebrations and what not – and still fret that their teams have a low performance. I’ve interacted with the managers and field teams of hundreds of companies, and my company Channelplay has the experience of managing thousands of field sales people who work for many global brands as well as small startups. Our conclusion through all this experience is that most organizations are missing the woods for the trees – they focus on initiatives that perhaps make for good photo-sharing and presentations, but ignore the fundamental building blocks of a good sales management process.

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All Your Shoppers Are Not Same

If we focus on the retailing of high involvement goods, interaction with in-store sales staff is arguably the most pivotal element of the shopper journey. It is also important to realize that not all shoppers visit the stores with same objectives. As soon as we understand this, it becomes clear that a standard approach will not suit interaction with different types of shoppers.

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Analyzing Linearity Of Sales (II)

The previous part of this series discussed at length about the linearity of FMCG sales within a month for retail sales management and defined metrics to measure the skew. In this part we would look at how this linearity varies over different categories.
Below is a chart depicting the IMS values for 10 different categories.

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Analyzing Linearity Of Sales (I)

Linearity of Sale is a concept denoting the variability of the consumption, and thereby the demand, of any product. The concept is closely related to seasonality of demand. Understanding of linearity of sale has helped many retail marketing companies in India optimize their retail sales and value chain expenditure over the years. Evaluation of linearity becomes more important in the context of FMCG sector as the demand is highly disaggregated and collecting direct information on demand variation becomes extremely complicated.

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