Team Leader Role in Managing ISDs - Going Beyond Targets

Team Leader is one of the important roles in a robust sales organisational structure. Performance of Team Leader plays a significant role in success of sales program. Though driving sales number is the end objective of the Team Leaders but they have a larger role to play in creating an efficient ecosystem to drive these sales numbers.

 Let’s look at the important activities which can directly be influenced by Team Leaders and act as enablers in creating an efficient ecosystem:

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Ways To Control Cost of Sales In An Existing In-Store Sales Executive Program – Part 2

In my previous insight article, I have discussed creating an evaluation metrics for In-Store Sales Executives to offset the cost of salary of these Sales Executive by allocating right stores to realise the true potential of the stores thus keeping Cost of Sales in check.

Now let’s look at few more important process improvements which can directly contribute to controlled Cost of Sales.

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Ways To Control Cost Of Sales In An Existing In-Store Sales Executive Program – Part 1

In today’s competitive business environment organizations are striving to increase their revenues with reduced Cost of Sales. Cost of Sales can be impacted by various parameters – one of the major contributors to Cost of Sales is cost incurred while running an In-Store Sales Executive Program. Within an In-Store Sales Executive program the main contributor of cost is salary of the Sales Executive. Thus it is important to offset this cost by extracting optimum productivity from the Sales Executives. Primarily this can be achieved by placing right Sales Executive in right store to realize the true potential of the store.

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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Employee Loyalty Programs for In-Store Promoters

Running an In-Store Promoter Program is one of the most effective but at the same time most challenging aspects of Sales management. Having a knowledgeable and motivated in store promoter can go a long way in amplifying the sales from an outlet but in the competitive world of In-store promoters it is important to get innovative to drive retention and motivation.

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Cost Effective Ways to Keep an Outsourced Sales Team Engaged

One of the major business driver for any company is an engaged sales force. Amidst the chaos of doing sales number engagement is the piece often seen left alone especially when the sales force is outsourced. Engagement activities not necessarily have to be cost intensive – there are many cost effective means to engage a sales force on regular basis.

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