How to Shortlist Your Sales Staffing Partner?

It is often seen that organisations with large field sales force, outsource their sales force for many obvious advantages. It is a very important & critical decision for any organisation to choose right partner.

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Transitioning a Large Field Sales Executive Force Between Vendors

Transition of field sales executive team from company rolls to an agency or existing agency rolls to a new agency is commonly seen practice and this can be attributed to various reasons. Though these transitions look simple, there is more than meets the eye.

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Controlling Early Attrition of Frontline Sales Executives

In most cases it is an important decision for any professional to change jobs and same applies to the frontline Sales Executives as well. Ever wondered why these Sales Executives join for couple of days and leave, even after going through the time consuming and risky processes of giving multiple rounds of interviews and leaving their current jobs! I think this is a very important subject for organisation to evaluate. One of the key improvement areas to address this early attrition issue is to have a robust and structured process of joining for the field team.

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Team Leader Role in Managing ISDs - Going Beyond Targets

Team Leader is one of the important roles in a robust sales organisational structure. Performance of Team Leader plays a significant role in success of sales program. Though driving sales number is the end objective of the Team Leaders but they have a larger role to play in creating an efficient ecosystem to drive these sales numbers.

 Let’s look at the important activities which can directly be influenced by Team Leaders and act as enablers in creating an efficient ecosystem:

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Ways To Control Cost of Sales In An Existing In-Store Sales Executive Program – Part 2

In my previous insight article, I have discussed creating an evaluation metrics for In-Store Sales Executives to offset the cost of salary of these Sales Executive by allocating right stores to realise the true potential of the stores thus keeping Cost of Sales in check.

Now let’s look at few more important process improvements which can directly contribute to controlled Cost of Sales.

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