Training Effectiveness - Measurement and Improvement

Having played various roles in the training domain for more than 14 years now, I am still unable to get answer to the question "Are we able to measure the training effectiveness" in true sense.
In the Deming cycle PDCA where P stands for Planning, D for Doing, C for Checking and A for Acting on the outcome, in most of the cases I have observed that whenever something goes wrong in the process and is detected in the D & C stage respectively, one of the causes that emerges generally is the lack of training.
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5 Potent Signs That Your Salesforce Needs Training

Recently, we did a survey of over 600 in-store sales persons across industries. It turned out that over 80% of sales persons felt that they were inadequately trained. Most respondents said that they didn’t receive regular training (neither physical nor digital), and over 60% respondents confirmed that, there was no formal training even at the time of joining the role. In addition to the lack of regular training, high attrition, 6-8% per month, resulted in large changes in team composition within a span of year which made matters more complex.

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