Measures of Productivity | Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising plays a vital role in industries such as CDIT, FMCG, Financial Institutions etc. Effective VM improve the brand visibility, awareness & sales while on the other side ineffectiveness can cost badly & hamper the budgets of the organization. This invokes importance of the timely measurement of productivity of visual merchandisers with key responsibility areas. Here are few measures which needs to be assessed periodically which will lead to effective visual merchandising on ground.

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How To Transition A Large Scale VM Program In 30 Days.?

Before we step ahead on discussion regarding subject mentioned above we first need to understand how to analyze the requirement of change in VM agency to which you are currently associated.

Expectation of the brand could be with regards to increase in productivity, quality of execution, control mechanisms, hygiene or discipline management. When things are not going in the right direction as per the desired criteria or you have not seen any improvement in the quality of working since long after setting the expectations - it may betime to change the agency. 

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What to Monitor in Large Scale Visual Merchandising Execution?

Leading a large Visual Merchandising field team ? Facing issues in monitoring them on real time ? Confused in prioritizing the parameters to monitor ?

Generally, VM managers are overloaded with the reports & information which is being shared with them every day & focusing on the most important attributes is critical yet complex.

So, here are details on some key points to monitor which will help you in keeping your VM activity on a continuous improvement track.

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7 Tips For Effective Visual Merchandising Execution At large Scale

Think you are a marketing manager of a company which wants to execute its PoSM deployment at  outlets across the country. Effectiveness of the campaign depends upon strong planning & resource utilization. However, In-spite of all the planning managers take into account, there are chances of goof ups & delay in timeline achievement of the campaigns which results in loss of opportunity. Here are few tips for your reference which will help you in effective execution.

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3 Key Steps To Ensure Effective Branding

Studies have revealed that customers who feel a close connection with a brand are not only more likely to re-purchase the product, but also to buy other items of same brand, to refer the brand to others and to even resist the lure of competitors’ price cuts. Today’s consumers don’t just want a premium product or service, but they seek an engaging and valuable buying experience. Here are 3 steps that retail marketers, like you, must take to ensure your branding efforts deliver value for both you and customer.

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