Fundamentals of Effective Maintenance in Retail

Visibility is the most crucial aspect in retail which directly impacts brand awareness, brand recall & impulse buying. As a next step in gaining the competitive edge over other brands, many have started doing maintenance of their fixtures considering the shelf life & basis the market visibility reports. Maintenance of fixture is one of the toughest job for marketers due to following reasons:

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Retail Signage Dos & Donts

Signage in retail usually work as a visual navigator which gives information to the customers about a store, office or mall & helps customers in providing brief details of the retail outlet where it is placed. There are different types of signage available in market currently like ACP, Acrylic over ACP, Flex. These can be front lit or back lit as well. If I would have asked about Vivo & Oppo 3 years back from now, very few will be able to answer about the type of product they deal in. But at present most of us are aware that Oppo & Vivo are handset manufacturers & present in Indian retail market. This has become possible because of their aggressive marketing strategy with signage deployment.
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Fixture Maintenance in Retail

Let’s assume that you are standing in a mall facing two stores with same name & contents & the only difference is its façade. Façade of store A is transparent, clean & scratch less, however, other (B) has shabby & unclean one. There are more chances of you to enter in store A with clean façade. This happens because your subconscious mind has triggered a positive perception for store A in comparison to store B. This positive perception is due to distinguishable visibility difference in quality of two stores. Now when person has entered store A then likeliness of selling the product are higher in comparison to store B. This shows that fixture quality plays an important role in silent selling.

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PoSM Supply Chain Management

(Game Changer for Effective In-Store Communication)

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Importance of Real-Time Monitoring App in VM Execution

You have been managing a team of 500 + Visual merchandisers across different geographies who visits metros, tier 2 towns & rural areas as well. Biggest challenges which brand managers face are:

  1. Uncertainty of data for reporting
  2. Authenticity of the information passed on to management
  3. Time consumption in converting data into meaning full information
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