Touch Points of a Trade Loyalty Program

A good Loyalty Program for trade partners would make use of multiple platforms of interaction with the program partners. It is highly important for a loyalty program to have multiple touch points so that the program enjoys top of the mind recall. In this article, we look at the various touch points possible and how to best utilise them.

  • Website/App
    • Any loyalty program which is targeted towards audience who is comfortable using a website or an app should have that interface. It is the best way to keep the partners updated with their progress and is a must have for a successful program. A comprehensive website or an app will have the details of the program and the various ways in which partners can earn points, their purchase details, points earned under various heads, reward catalogue and redemption process. The data can be updated on these platforms as frequently as possible which is a huge delighter in these programs. The details on these platforms would also act as ready reckoners for reference
  • SMS
    • SMS is one of the least obtrusive and most robust way to send periodic updates on the programs. Although the efficacy of SMS is going down by the day due to high levels of spam, it is still one of the platforms which is universally comfortable for anyone who owns a phone. Monthly updates on scorecards and any additional schemes should be communicated through SMS.
    • Another important role played by SMS in a technology based program is through OTPs for login or redemption requests. This will act as a high-level security measure to confirm the authenticity of the web usage
  • Helpdesk
    • Every program we run is supported by a helpdesk which can be contacted over phone or email by any partner regarding any grievance. Human contact is irreplaceable in the area of customer service and having a responsive helpdesk can go a long way in building the credibility of any program.
  • Rewards
    • The fruit of any program for the partners is always in the experience of receiving the rewards. Ensuring that they have a positive experience in claiming their rewards is the biggest factor that can make or break any program.
  • Sales Team
    • One often overlooked touch point in a loyalty program is the interaction between sales team and the partner. Although that interaction might not be exclusively around loyalty program, it is important to reinforce the program with each partner in every interaction. Ideally the entire sales call should be structured around the program so that full benefits of the program can be enjoyed.

We keep in mind all these touch points in our programs to ensure best in class service to all our clients. If you want us to help you out with running Loyalty program for your trade partners, please fill the form in the following link and we will get in touch with you.

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