Transitioning a Large Field Sales Executive Force Between Vendors

Transition of field sales executive team from company rolls to an agency or existing agency rolls to a new agency is commonly seen practice and this can be attributed to various reasons. Though these transitions look simple, there is more than meets the eye.

If it is done wrong and without planning, it can disrupt the whole sales executive ecosystem.

A careful and detail planning is required to make the transition smooth so that on-field employees who is the primary recipient of the process are handled carefully and there is no disruption in the business.

Let’s look at the few important elements which requires special attention while making the transition plan –

Process & timelines – To avoid any ambiguity, processes need to be defined and all the relevant stakeholders to be aligned with the set processes and execution timelines. And point to be kept in mind is that no activity is small no matter how small it may look. For examples – data movement from current employer to the new employer, process of communications, process of asset movement, process of handling compliance – PF, Gratuity etc., setting up communication channels and content, depending on the requirement of the transition

 Communication - Streamlined, timely and accurate communication about the transition to the sales executive is the key. Few examples are – timeline of transition activities, any impact on sales executive due to transition, process to be followed for completion of different activities of transition, information of pay & benefits etc.

Common platforms to communicate - To make the communication harmonious it is important to create common platforms to communicate with the sales executive team. Few examples are – whatsapp group, mail groups, single contact number & email-id from which they should expect communication, single helpline email-id & number for sales executives to contact for queries etc.

Data management - To ensure accuracy in all kinds of data – basic details like name, location etc. of sales executives, details of salary, incentive, leave balance, PF, gratuity etc. from previous company, asset etc., data to be managed well. Depending on the nature of transition they detail of data to be captured might vary.

System readiness - To ensure timely execution of the planned activities it is important to set the system right and ready to support the plan. Few examples are – system readiness to release the offer letter and appointment letter as planned, to conduct the introduction & orientation sessions as planned, to take queries from sales executive in a structured way etc.

Introduction and orientation sessions - To pacify any unrest due to a transition it is important to address all the sales executives who are part of the process. Same can be done in two parts –

  • Introduction session in the early days of transition to give process clarity and clarify FAQs
  • Orientation session towards the later half of the transition to give clarity on the different policies and processes pertaining to the new company. The mode of these sessions can be mutually decided with client – online or face to face.

Transition is a very sensitive activity and need to be handled very carefully and with proper planning.

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