Usability and Aesthetics of a Mystery Shopping Portal

 ‘First impression is the last impression’. The adage is as true for a website as it is for a human being. Whenever a visitor chances upon your site, it is the aesthetics of the website which create a first impression in the visitors mind cementing perception of site credibility and usability often within the first 3 seconds.

Making a good impression is specially critical for a mystery shopping software as it needs to look aesthetically appealing as well be perceived easy to use and navigate. Most mystery shopping platforms tend to ignore this aspect of their software and lay emphasis on just their usability spheres, which leads to portals that are unappealing to the eye and are anyways perceived difficult and unfriendly to work and navigate.

Mystery shopping portal for the mystery shoppers should be simple, easy to use and easy to understand. The mystery shopper portal should have following characteristics:-

  • Shopper Dashboard: Dashboards are important for the mystery shoppers as they help them to gain complete insight on their tasks and decide on their action items. A purpose filled dashboard can serve many purposes like it can help the mystery shoppers understand about their action items, give them details about their ratings and also help them to know their rankings amongst the entire pool of mystery shoppers. 
  • Applying for Open Opportunities: Applying for opportunities should be like a breeze with intelligent portal designed to enhance user experience. A mystery shopping software should have an intuitive user interface which should make applying for opportunities feel like joy rather than a choice. 
  • Submitting Audit Reports: Mystery shopping software should provide its shoppers with the interface which provides ease of report submission. Simplicity is key for a mystery shopping portal so that mystery shoppers can fill in the audit reports, answer different type of questions,  attach proofs, enter comments with utmost ease. 
  • Shopper Payment Management: A mystery shopping software should be transparent while displaying the payments due for the mystery shoppers. The mystery shoppers should have access to all the information about how much amount payments have been made and how much is pending. Apart from displaying this information the mystery shopping software should notify the mystery shoppers on key events i.e. whenever the payment is done for the shopper. 
  • Recommended audits for mystery shoppers: Mystery shopping software should have many nifty features which seamlessly blend together to provide shoppers a world class mystery shopping experience. Based on the recorded preferences and shopping history of a particular auditor, the software should automatically suggests shops which the auditor might be interested in. This means that the shopper no longer needs to navigate the entire system to look for shops and is presented with selected options on the first screen itself, making it more likely that a shopper will proceed and apply. 

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