Need Based Vs Permanent Staffing Model in Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is done with an objective to increase the impulse buying & awareness of the products & services which a brand has to offer. Indirectly it is considered as a support function to increase sales & thus requires continuous efforts to go hand in hand with sales strategies in a company. On the other hand, sometimes sales strategies come up with different schemes & spikes in markets which are time bound made with an objective to increase sales in a specific time period such as festivals or special occasions. Now, to ensure those sales strategies met desired results there are few activities which should be implemented perfectly within that time frame. Out of those activities Visual Merchandising is one of them & can be considered as one of the most important activity.

Brands usually face challenge in adhering PoSM installation timelines, especially in far upcountry markets or in cities where merchant outlets are very high. To solve this problem VM staffing agency should propose the best possible model to brands which can help them in covering the geography within limited time frame. There are 3 different models available at present & can be utilised basis the scenarios. Below mentioned are the details with advantages & scenarios where these can be implemented:

Dedicated Staffing Model:

For a visual merchandising activity where-in recurring tasks are involved inclusive of multiple visits in a particular geography for a long period of time, dedicated manpower is utilised. Visual Merchandisers are hired, there PJP is planned & there taskings are assigned according to the productivity requirement. This type of model is effective where brands have long plans to execute continuous POSM production along with enrolled outlets in markets. It helps in building professional rapport with market & creating a strong hold over market. Brands can also get regular information on competition activity & can get real time status.

Need Based Staffing Model:

Some brands don’t have budgets or plans to hire dedicated resources, but they might come up with campaign-based activity which lasts only for a special festive season or occasion. In such cases brands don’t want to get bound with fixed salaries of employees & are more focused towards payment against only productive visits. Such campaigns can be covered through freelancer manpower who are skilled to do these kinds of activities post proper certification & validation.

For your ease of understanding we have encapsulated the benefits of both models below:


Need Based Manpower Placement

  • Manpower is hired basis campaign requirements, area & skill set for the execution
  • Pay per visit model is utilized
  • Very flexible
  • Reach & penetration to small towns with low population
  • Online reporting
  • Cost effective in short term campaigns like 0-6 months

Dedicated Manpower Placement

  • Manpower hiring basis visit frequency. Manpower is hired in base towns from where they  will cover different other nearby towns
  • VMs can be thoroughly and repeatedly trained on the deployment & quality execution
  • Helps building ongoing relationships with the retail channel
  • Much control on retail & market, multiple visits possible without extra cost in base towns
  • Additional work can be executed, such as GSB/ISB availability check, stock status check etc.
  • Cost effective in long term like 1-2 years


Channelplay not only does in-store visual merchandising for brands but suggests best possible models to follow basis in depth analysis of available models. We do this with the help of our experience in different industries & expertise from our learning over the years. Please connect us through our contact us page to know more.

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