Capabilities Desired in a Next-Gen Mystery Shopping Software

A mystery shopping software should be designed to cater to a global audience, taking into account compatibility to meet the needs of a geographically diverse client base. A world class mystery shopping software should have the features like multilingual functionality, dedicated support staff, online documentation & training documents, state of the art security and many more. Few of these mentioned features help in separating out the best mystery shopping software from the rest of the software. World ready mystery shopping software should have the following capabilities:

  • Multilingual functionality: In order to be world class, a mystery shopping software should support the multilingual functionality so that it is capable enough to serve broad geographic regions. A mystery shopping software should be flexible enough to support multiple languages. All the content in the mystery shopping software should be easily adaptable in a different language. Even if a user sitting at any corner of the world without having fluency in English should be able to read the content and use the system in his/her native language.
  • Online Documentation & Training Documents: A mystery shopping software should have a rich repository of online documentation and training material detailing about the every functionality the system has. Online documentation comes in handy for quick reference and guidance in case any confusion arises while carrying out the project management activities. This feature of the mystery shopping software is of great utility in case the client has new people onboard so they can become familiar with the system by reading form the online documentation and training content.
  • State of the Art Security: A mystery shopping software should be secure enough to keep up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Best-in-class security mechanisms should be implemented in a mystery shopping software in order make the data highly secure. Continuous improvements should be done in the mystery shopping software in order make it capable to handle the security threats.
  • Multi-platform Compatibility: Mystery shopping software should be one which is enabled on both mobile and desktop. It should contain numerous nifty features like geo-tagging, offline access, audio recorder etc. to help both mystery shopping organizations and mystery shoppers. These features integrate to become the best in class mystery shopping software with extended features so the shoppers do not need to switch to any other platform.
  • Dedicated Support Staff: Support and implementation are key aspects for a world class software. This play a differentiator between a top notch mystery shopping software from rest of the software’s. 24X7 support teams allow quick resolution for any queries.

A mystery shopping software should offer vast array of globalization and internationalization options in order to make the product perfect for handling multinational operations.

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