Mystery Shopping Tips


A certification is simply a questionnaire containing questions related to the mystery shop which you want to perform. However, certifications can also be designed to assess general aptitude and language proficiency among other things.

Certifications are almost always linked with some training material in the form of a document or a presentation which the shopper must go through in order to be able to attempt it successfully.

The training material usually contains details related to an audit and how you must proceed with its scenarios. The points you should be looking out for, the dressing guidelines, names of mobile applications if they are to be used during the audit and all the proofs that must be gathered to successfully complete the audit, e.g. pictures, receipts, audio and/ or video recording. 

In order to be able to apply for an opportunity, the related certification must be cleared with the required score achievement. Clearing a certification demonstrates your willingness and ability to complete an assignment, also that you have gone through the training document and understand what the audit is all about & how to perform it.

In case an open opportunity receives more than one applications, all other parameters being similar the certification score becomes the basis of assigning an opportunity to a particular shopper since it indicates the level of understanding the shopper has of the assignment he/ she is about to perform.   

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits

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