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Hold Your Ground

The purpose of conducting an audit is to capture on ground realities and if the processes being followed in the outlet conform to the guidelines laid out by the company, therefore auditors are expected to report every observation as it happened. In case of retail audits where the audit is declared and often the store staff accompanies the auditor who fills a report as per his findings, differences of opinion may occur in what the shopper writes in the report and how the staff interprets a particular situation.    

In retail audits, to make things fair and ensure authenticity of the report, it is required that the auditor get the report signed and stamped by the store manager or owner. Without the sign and the stamp the report is not considered and the audit is considered ineffective, consequently the auditor is not considered eligible for the shopper fee.

Sometimes it might happen that the store manager or staff refuses to sign and stamp your audit observations. One of the reasons of the same is because you have recorded a negative observation and it is demanded you change it to reflect positively & other than the actual observation. 

In such a scenario, giving in to the pressure from the store staff will be a breach of integrity from your end. Politely stand your ground and decline to change anything saying that what has once been recorded cannot be changed, there is absolutely no requirement of getting into any sort of confrontation with the store manager or staff. Go ahead and report your findings and scenario to your Channelplay contact even if it is not signed and stamped, we assure you of every support from our side in case you ever have to face such a situation.

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