Mystery Shopping Tips

In case of doubt

As an auditor you might have planned more than one audits a day for yourself. It is not necessary that these audits will be of the same client and can have very different requirements. As an auditor it is your responsibility to go through the training document and the questionnaire before going to conduct an audit so all the relevant details can be captured in the report.

However it might happen that you are outside the shop and encounter any last minute doubts or remember that you are missing a crucial document required for being able to conduct audit at a particular store.

It is possible that you have conducted the audit and now the store manager or store owner is refusing to sign and stamp your observations which means that you will not get any fee for the audit you just completed.

 It is easy to lose hope and give up in such a scenario if one is on their own. However that is never the case with mystery shopping. The manager who gave you the audit or you Channelplay contact is almost always available and is only a phone call or text away.


Do not hesitate to reach out to your Channelplay contact in case you have any audit related doubts. It is always better to submit a report late than submitting it incorrect. An incorrect submission without proper scenarios and proofs severely impacts the auditor rating and can also be returned to the auditor in which case the auditor may have to revisit the store in order to successfully complete the audit.

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