Mystery Shopping Tips

Preparing physically for an audit

Once you have been awarded a mystery shopping assignment it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with its requirements, however doing that alone isn’t enough. Paying attention to what you wear to an assignment can have significant impact your shopping experience.

Dressing is a part of physically preparing for an assignment which is as important as mentally preparing for it and remembering the details you have to look out for during the audit. However often it is noticed that the shoppers forget to give appropriate stress on the dressing part and go inappropriately dressed to an audit.

In most of the assignments the guidelines to dressing are already mentioned and the shopper is expected to follow the same. However, it might happen that no specific guidelines are given. In such cases it is expected that the shopper will intelligently choose an attire complementing the assignment.

For e.g. a shopper can choose to wear casual clothes to a cinema audit and formal attire to an apartment purchase audit.

Dressing inappropriately like wearing a baseball cap and goggles inside a store can get you noticed and make your job tougher. It is also possible that due to being dressed in an ‘out of place’ manner the store staff remembers you which might make any subsequent visits as a mystery shopper that much harder and in some cases altogether impossible.

Always remember that to be able to successfully ‘play the part’ you will always need to ‘look the part’ as well.

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