Mystery Shopping Tips

Read the questionnaire

As an auditor the ultimate aim is to fill the report on the basis of observations in the store during shopping.

A questionnaire can have questions related to many intricate details which may be missed out when you are reading the training document and also while conducting the audit. If such a situation should arise then you will have no answer to that specific question and if crucial it might be the reason why a report might get returned to you and you may have to revisit the store among other things. Other things like impact on the shopper score and deduction in the shopper fee.

A simple trick can be utilized to avoid any such undesirable situation and that is to read the questionnaire a few times before you go to perform the actual audit.

Reading the questionnaire a few times gives a very clear picture of what is expected in the audit and accordingly you can plan the scenarios that you are going to play while doing the audit. The direction this audit is going to take becomes very clear and while doing the audit you will tend to look for the answers to the specific questions.

Taking this focused approach means that now you will take less time to conduct the same audit with an increase in audit quality.

Having read the questionnaire beforehand is a huge assistance while filling the report and you will know exactly where to upload which proof which means that you will be able fill the report much faster & accurate.

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