Sales Recruitment Agency for Hiring High Quality Professionals Across India at Fast Speed

    With a team that recruits over 400 sales professionals every month across industries such as Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Automobiles & many others, proven evaluation tools to measure key sales competencies, and an internal specialist interview process that finds the right candidates for sales roles, Channelplay is the right fit to meet all your sales hiring needs.


    Retail & Channel Sales Executive Recruitment

    Retail & Channel front-line sales professionals are hard to find in the usual job portals. With field team of recruiters in over 20 states, proprietary industry specific databases of hundreds of thousands of candidates, experience in hiring these profiles for over 10 years and our strong reputation as an ethical provider of opportunities - Channelplay can meet your requirements of Retail Sales and Channel Sales professionals anywhere in the country.

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    B2B Sales Professional Recruitment

    Whatever your industry and your B2B sales job description - at Channelplay we've most likely hired hundreds of them.

    Channelplay's recruitment business is focused only on sales roles, and our team of experts are adept in sourcing the right candidates, communicating the right message about your organization and job profile, running evaluations and interviews to assess for quality, and providing a small number of right-fit candidates at a fast speed to ensure you spend less time interviewing, and fill positions fast.

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    Sales Manager Recruitment

    Recruitment will always be a probabilistic game. However, your odds for success can be maximized through expertise.

    In addition to the right sourcing, right communication and assessment processes, you can rely on Channelplay's expert panel of interviewers - each of whom have over 20 years of experience in sales management with some of the worlds most successful sales organizations - to give you a well-informed and unbiased assessment of the candidates you wish to hire.

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    Case Studies

    Key Value Propositions

    Multi-Industry Experience

    Retail, FMCG, Electronics, Consumer Durable, e-Commerce; we deal and work with diverse set of industries where recruitment for these programs is the stepping stone. Our quest is to identify the best practices in one industry which can be replicated in others

    Best-in-Industry Technology

    Our cutting edge technology platform ensures that recruitment process is followed and adherence to this practice is consistent along with being real-time. The candidate is taken through all stages of a recruitment life cycle over this platform in a seamless manner

    Coverage Across Nation

    Our Corporate and Field Hiring Teams ensure coverage across nation by enabling hiring in 300+ cities/towns. The Field team of 20+ members and 5+ members in Corporate team warrants smooth hiring across all the profiles

    Focus on Quality

    Any candidature passes through an HR round only if the applicant if found to possess the aspects which defines quality for us and our Partners