Visual Merchandising/ POSM Deployment


The ability of brands to present the best they have to offer in retail environment keeping edge over others is known as visual merchandising. Characteristics of visual merchandising differs basis products & brands however end objective is to gain the maximum visibility share in retail. We use cutting edge tool to collect data & ensures authenticity of activity on ground.

At Channelplay we execute In-store VM & Visual merchandising services through different methods, essential for its effectiveness.

Key Features


We are one of the leading POP deployment companies in India covering over 50,000 stores every month for brands across industries.

Our well-trained merchandising team follows industry best practices to deliver the best quality and quantity of visibility within a retail store, and uses our 1Channel system to report merchandising along with photos, geolocation and timestamps to give clients real-time, transparent and reliable visibility into store level execution.


A great product display is an important shopper marketing tool. For high-involvement products it brings products into the consideration set, helps deliver the experience to move the buying cycle forward, and for low-involvement and impulse products - is often the only thing required for making the sale.


We have 12 warehouses and 8 offices across India and the number is growing.

We use an in-house asset management portal that enables us to handle complex asset management scenarios.

Portal functionalities can be customized and developed as per the client’s requirement.

Our Case Studies