Maximize Your Field Force Productivity

The 1Channel Field Force Management Solution helps you plan, manage and get real time insights into your field sales & marketing activities.
It's a cloud based software-as-a-service solution, allowing you to get up and running in a week. Create your account online, install apps on your team's mobile phones and you are ready to start. Read on to know more about 1Channel's functionality and features.


  • GPS locked Attendance
  • Real-time Sales Reporting
  • Stock and Visibility Reporting
  • Collect Competition Info
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  • POS & Product Visibility
  • Campaign Execution
  • Efficient Beat Planning
  • Photographic & Map Reports
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  • Sales Order Management
  • Stock Data Collection
  • Distributor Integration
  • Sales Team Beat Optimization
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  • Customized Questionnaires
  • Survey Management
  • Real-time Responses
  • Intuitive Interface
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Product Highlights


Configurable Workflows

Whether the user is a merchandiser for an FMCG brand or a BD manager for a services firm, 1Channel can be configured to the exact workflow for each kind of user. Through its plug-and-play architecture, 1Channel can be modified to be put to use in any industry.

Focus on Process Compliance

The importance of checks and balances in ensuring retail process compliance cannot be overstated. Through capturing GPS coordinates, time-stamps, photogrpahs, etc 1Channel has multiple checks and balances built in to each step to ensure thorough process compliance.


Actionable Reports on Real Time Data

Boasting of a robust and flexible reporting platform, 1Channel is wholly equipped to give deep insights into field force activities. Through our comprehensive dashboards and reports we provide our clients with actionable data and help them in solving business problems.

Expertise in Implementation and Support

Coming from a retail execution incubator, 1Channel takes pride in providing the best-in-class implementation support and user training. We handhold our clients through the configuration, master data management, training and implementation stages to ensure the success of the project. We believe our work doesn't end with adding a client but only begins.


Offline Access

1Channel can be used by everyone irrespective of whether they are connected to the internet or not. The data gets auto synced whenever network is available. This ensures that the user experience isn't hampered and the users can focus on their work no matter how remote a location they are in.

Install & Update From App Stores

1Channel is available on Android Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store. Users can download 1Channel from any of these platforms and start using it. The updates to 1Channel are also done through the stores thereby removing the requirement of handling messy installation files and running on older versions.



Case Studies

Leading Field Force Automation Solution

Rooted in Retail Execution

Having been incubated in a retail execution company, we are thoroughly conversant with what it takes for successful implementatin of technology. We bring not only our technological excellence, but also our retail experience to the table.

Multi Industry Experience

Mobile Phones, Laptops, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Industrial supplies, and Consumer electronics are only a few of the sectors we have worked in. Over the years 1Channel has evolved into a completely configurable product which can suit any requirement.

Used Across the World

Users of 1Channel are spread out across the globe, thanks to the large scale and spread of our client operations. 1Channel handles different languages, currencies and timezones with ease.

State of the Art Security

We believe in continuous improvement of our data security to keep up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. 1Channel has cleared the requirements of some of the most watchful companies of the world when it comes to data security.