1Channel - Field Force Management

Automate daily tasks of your field force


1Channel, leading cloud based mobility platform, is a perfect solution to manage field force effectively and increase their productivity. With numerous authentication mechanism such as geo-tagging, time-stamping and input validation, performance of the team can be measured on a ream-time basis against pre-defined KPIs / KRAs. It also enables field team to track their own performance through various reports, dashboards and gamification features available in the mobile app.

Key Features

Daily Attendance Tracking

Ensuring discipline of field force is of utmost importance and it starts with when they are reporting to work. While a selfie based attendance mechanism provides you an option to check the grooming and hygiene factor, geo-tagging and time-stamping help you to know whether they were at the right place at the right time.

Reporting of Authenticated Data

You can rely on data only when you are assured of the authenticity of the data. With various configuration options available in 1Channel, you can control reporting of the transaction only from inside the outlet and only if GPS accuracy is at the desired level. Validations of product serial number can be done through numerous mechanism ensuring that the reported sales figures are genuine.

Tracking Own Performance

While managers can track the performance of their team through numerous reports and dashboards available in the web application, it is also very important for the field team to check their performance/achievement on a regular basis in the app. With numerous reports, dashboards, menu options available in 1Channel, a field employee can track all his KPIs on a real-time basis be it sales achievement or visit coverage or productivity or something else.

Easy Communication with Field Team

1Channel also helps to communicate with your field team in a seamless way ensuring you don’t need multiple platforms for the team. You can upload any type of document or file (Video, Audio, PDF, etc.) and the same becomes immediately visible to them in the app. No need to call them at the office for each and every training. Also, send out a targeted message to your team using the advanced Push Notification feature.

Real Time Tracking and Visibility

In order to manage field team’s performance effectively, it is very important to get both holistic and detailed view of their field visits. Multiple map-based reports available in 1Channel helps you to track the same. While Heat Map tells you field-team’s spread and activity at a high level, Route Map helps you to figure out effectiveness of their daily visits. Distance traveled daily by the team not only helps you to improve productivity, but also comes handy for their claim settlement.

Gamification and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement plays a very important role in system adoption which again drives the success of any technology initiative. 1Channel provides multiple gamification options which creates a healthy competition in the team resulting in improved productivity. The leaderboard enables someone to see his relative ranking compared to peers and find out improvement areas. By accumulating new Badges, an employee can boast about his performance and strive to achieve more.

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