1voice - Invoicing & Payments

Automate invoicing & payment collection process of your distributors


Invoicing & Payment

Probably the most important activity that your distributors need to perform is financial accounting which includes invoicing, taxation, claim settlement etc. As 1Voice leads to complete automation of all these processes, it not only ensures end-to-end book-keeping of your distributors, but also establishes two-way communication between you and distributors which is important for financial activities such as claim settlement.

Key Features

Uniform Invoice Generation

You would definitely want all your distributors to generate digital invoices and in the same format across the board. With customizable invoicing options available in 1Voice, you can decide on your own format and implement the same in quick time.

Configurable Tax Options

1Voice comes with a completely configurable taxation mechanism to cater to needs of different countries and different industries within a country. So whether you follow a VAT model or a GST model or something else, 1Voice can be configured accordingly quite easily. These configurations can also take care of regular changes in government regulation, which means no custom development every time there is a change.

Claims Management

With 1Voice solution, distributors can manage and handle all claim related activities in a more efficient way. They can manage Sales Return, Retailer Claims etc. using 1Voice, which will lead to a hassle free business operations. With configurable claim rules, automated claim generation and flexible approval workflow, entire claim settlement cycle can be completed in much shorter time duration

Payment Tracking

Tracking and managing payment against all invoices will become a cake walk if your distributors start using 1Voice integrated with our SFA solution for the field sales team. Collection details (such as amount, cheque number, date, NEFT reference etc.) are captured through the SFA solution and the details are visible to distributor finance team on 1Voice in real-time for them to verify and mark the invoices as paid.

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