1Voice - Secondary order Management

Get visibility of order execution process of your distributors  


Secondary Order Management

By deploying 1Voice at your distributor points you can automate the entire Secondary Sales workflow including order creation, confirmation, delivery and trade schemes. Strong backend analytics platform enables all stakeholders to get a real-time visibility of order volume and delivery status. It also helps the senior management to get different insights which are crucial to make tactical and strategic decisions.

Key Features

Order Capture using SFA App

Thanks to off-the-self APIs available with 1Voice, it can seamlessly integrate with our SFA solution 1Channel and thus eliminates additional time and effort to capture order data from the field. With multiple in-built features and checks available in our SFA solution, the combination becomes a single window for customers to manage entire Secondary Order Management process.

Sales Order Creation & Confirmation

If your process requires manual sales order creation by the distributor staffs, 1Voice provides an easy-to-use web interface to create the same as and when required. Multiple configurable workflows ensure that processes such as order confirmation, acceptance and rejection can also be automated without any hassle.

Manage Trade Schemes & Promotions

Schemes and Trade Promotions are probably the most important tools to push sales. 1Voice allows you to create schemes which will get integrated with SFA solution to ensure transparency right at the retailer level. Schemes can be defined at any level of the product hierarchy and discount can be managed either on sales value or on sales volume or on both. With 1Voice, you can run various schemes on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and the same can be accumulated and settled with invoices as and when required.

Manage Delivery Against Sales Orders

An important part of the distribution process is timely delivery/fulfillment of the sales orders. With completely automated Delivery Challan creation, your distributors can manage delivery of SKUs basis their availability and batch numbers. At the same time, you will have a bird-eye view of the complete fulfillment process enabling you to detect any inefficiency in the early stage.

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