1Reach Customer Engagement Platform

The 1Reach Customer Engagement Platform is part of an integrated solution for CRM, Campaign Management and Loyalty Programs Management. 1Reach provides a multi-channel, automated workflows based communication solution - allowing brands to connect with their customers, and get rich insights about their customers' engagement levels with the communications.

Product Highlights


Communication Channels

Choose from various inbuilt channels in the 1Reach application to send notifications to your customers based on their profile. Opt from Email, SMS or WhatsApp adapters to quickly configure and send detailed transaction statements, OTP, reminders or digital content to your customers and stay on top of their minds.

Customized Templates

Create professional templates and content for each message sent to customers by picking data from relevant fields from the WYSISYG editor. Apply business rules on your custom templates from an easy to use UI to schedule notifications based on date and time or assign trigger points to automatically send messages to customers on their favorite festivals, personal commemorations or to share detailed account related transaction messages.


Custome Template
Dashboard and reports

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Mine the data residing in your 1Reach application through in-depth reports and dashboards. Track sales activities with a bird’s eye view or drill-down into the data based on market clusters or brand wise sales utilizing charts, graphs and other numerous data visualization tools. Breakdown and analyze each transaction without boundaries as you go deeper gaining valuable insights on sales trends to better the customer engagement.

Expertise in Consulting and Delivery

We bring in a holistic understanding on how to engage your customers from their on-boarding to frequent engagement through sales activities and rewards program. With numerous implementations across industries, our experts can create a project plan and quickly configure the application in line with your requirements cutting short the delivery timelines. Accelerate the adoption rate with 1Reach application bringing in unmatched efficiency boosting your top line figures.


Consulting & Delivery


Case Studies

Augment Partnership with Customers


Role Based User Access

Maintain organizational hierarchy and provide role-based security & access to each user and share specific filtered information. Customize role access in 1Reach application from a project configuration console.


Multilingual Experience

Deploy the 1Reach application for customers across the world. Allow customers to choose and work in the application based on their preferred language and time zones keeping them in sync with relevant tasks and notifications.


Cloud Advantage

1Reach can be accessed from any where at any point of time allowing users and customers to access information with unmatched security, scalability and mobility. 


Configurable SaaS

Alter the 1Reach app to include custom fields, forms, complex business criteria without the need for a specialized IT team. Let the business team themselves configure and communicate with customers from a flexible UI.