Here’s a peek into our retail marketing services

Bouquet of services here brings information from the field which you can use to improve your operations & warrant your decision making. These insights could be from your own retail outlets, channel partners, customers, competitors or general trends in market. This translates into services such as Mystery Shopping, Visibility Audits, MOP Audits, Stock Audits, Market Research or any other type of Brand Audit.
Having delivered 1,00,000 person-month worth of outsourced personnel services, we manage various facets of retail sales management and help you meet challenges such as ramping-up the sales teams and FOS before your competitors.
Retail marketing services included here are In-store Promoter Programs, Channel Sales Management, Channel Expansion and much more.
What’s out of sight is out of mind. And the significance of this is realized most by brands who want their customers to ask for their products once they walk into a retail outlet. Through clutter breaking in-store designs, window displays and technology driven merchandise deployment, our visual merchandising services help you maintain and improve your brand visibility scores.
A Loyalty Program today is considered as a product feature. Every stakeholder in the sales value chain, from your national distributor to end consumer, expects incentives and rewards. Executing a ‘leakage proof’ loyalty program is an art and managing this ‘leakage’ is extremely critical.
That’s where we help you with our time-tested offline and online Loyalty Programs.
For quality sales, it’s essential that your sales personnel are well equipped with the art of persuading customers and the science of product knowledge & its demonstration. Selling is one thing you can’t put in an auto-pilot mode as it requires continuous supervision and training to ensure your products are showcased to potential customers in the best of their capacities
We provide brand promotion services to assist you promote your products to the target audience using channels such as experiential marketing, product sampling and activation at high traffic locations. We also provide event management services to execute product launches, road shows, corporate seminars & conferences,
Retail Marketing Services in India

Our Technology Solutions

Retail Technology Solution
Only a proven technology platform can manage complex retail marketing operations such as Visual Merchandise deployment and sales force management. 1Channel, our proprietary integrated suite of mobile application and web based analytics platform, does exactly that.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping in India
As a leading mystery shopping company in India, we leverage our panel of Mystery Shoppers to execute nation-wide brand audits. If you are looking to put your marketing operations to some serious tests, make us your watchdogs and we will help you see what your customers see on the shop floor.

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