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Channelplay is one of India's leading channel sales & marketing companies with services to help you Plan, Execute, Measure & Improve your channels.

We work with some of the world's biggest companies as well as with some of India's fastest growing startups to help them win against the challenges of scale, diversity and complexity of selling in India.

Featured Projects


Product & Process Benchmarking

The client, an e-commerce major, wanted to benchmark following parameters against its competition:

  • Product quality and packaging quality
  • Order placement & return process
  • Delivery executive experience
  • Customer care responsiveness
  • Consumer expectations

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Retail Coverage Validation & Expansion

The client, an FMCG major, approached Channelplay with following objectives in mind:

  • Validating the existing store coverage basis surrogates present in the store
  • Expanding the direct coverage to three times of the existing coverage
  • Creating optimized daily route plan for all salesmen using latitude-longitude information

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Retail Outlet Mystery Shopping

The client, a sports gear brand, wanted to evaluate below parameters at its retail outlets:

  • Welcome desk responsiveness
  • Store ambience parameters
  • Visual merchandising across the store
  • Staff interaction skills
  • Billing process efficiency
  • Grievance handling procedure

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Channel Partner Loyalty Program

  • Client is one of the dominant players in the ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal market.
  • India being one of its fastest growing markets, client wanted to capitalize on the increasing demand to accelerate growth.
  • To realize this objective, we conceptualized and executed a long term loyalty program to effectively engage client’s 1000+ channel partners.

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Featured Insights


Business Intelligence & Reporting - Moving Away From 'CCTV' Approach

Organizations and managers unanimously agree on the importance of capturing and analyzing data to improve management of field execution in terms of efficiency and execution quality. Still, managers frequently find themselves in a position where they think that it is too inconvenient to get into the data to understand the operations... 

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Mystery Shopping - Evaluate Consumer Experience

In current times of cut throat competition, with marginal difference in the selling price of any product/service, the only thing that gets preference is how good a brand is in providing great consumer experience.

Most brands have understood it and hence there is an increased focus on training of the front line sales executives and managers. They need to remain customer focused...

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Benefits Of Managed Trade Loyalty Programs -Part 1 

Loyalty Programs by definition are as old as trade itself. The first tradesman who sold goods to customers would have added some bonus to ensure repeat business which is the core definition of loyalty programs if one sees past the frills. Convincing business professionals on the need for a loyalty program is akin to preaching to the choir. This series however lists the benefits of running a professionally...

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