Who we are

We are India’s fastest growing retail marketing company assisting global brands in the field of Retail Intelligence, Sales Force Management, Visual Merchandising, Trainings, Loyalty Programs and Events & Promotions. We do everything that help our clients sell effectively through retail.

We have the honor of working with some of the biggest international brands including more than 10 of the Top 20 companies from IT, Telecom and FMCG industry. We are a team of 4,000+ professionals comprising of Mystery Shoppers, Visual Merchandisers, Auditors, Trainers and Sales Promoters based in 300+ cities across India. Continue reading about us.

What we do

We assist our clients sell effectively through retail touch points – the platform where all those efforts in building the brand & the business culminate and are put to test by customers. While doing this, we cover all formats of retail, from Mom & Pop stores to Multi-brand stores and Large Format Retail (LFR) outlets.

The expanse and scale of retail operations is vast and so are our services which are classified under 6 verticals namely, Retail Intelligence, Sales Force Management, Visual Merchandising, Loyalty Programs, Trainings and Events & Promotions. Therefore, from assessing store hygiene, stocks & sales processes to deploying and managing sales & distribution channels, our services cover all facets of retail marketing operations across India. Read out more and see in detail all our retail marketing services.

How we do it

Along with our retail penetration, our strength lies in our reliance on IT, both for our clients and for our own business. With an in-house software development team and a Data Center facility at New Delhi, we host and manage India’s most advanced Retail Management System, ChannelEdge, which seamlessly integrates field operations with web based real-time reporting. Channelplay has pioneered adoption of technology in the retail sales and marketing space. Through the years, we have invested heavily in developing a suite of retail marketing management products that bring unprecedented productivity, efficiency and transparency to manage a brand’s retail marketing spends. Read more and get an insight into our technology.