Retail Signage Dos & Donts

Signage in retail usually work as a visual navigator which gives information to the customers about a store, office or mall & helps customers in providing brief details of the retail outlet where it is placed. There are different types of signage available in market currently like ACP, Acrylic over ACP, Flex. These can be front lit or back lit as well. If I would have asked about Vivo & Oppo 3 years back from now, very few will be able to answer about the type of product they deal in. But at present most of us are aware that Oppo & Vivo are handset manufacturers & present in Indian retail market. This has become possible because of their aggressive marketing strategy with signage deployment. It helps in:
  • Awareness: People generally looks for the signage to search a retail outlet for the product they wanted to buy. Take an example of a mall with multiple shops & No signage. It would be troublesome to visit every outlet then.
  • Increased walk-ins: It helps in generating the walk-ins to the store by helping customers in locating.
  • Medium of communication: It helps as a medium of indirect communication between retailer & the people passing by to the store by providing the brief information of the product/service they are selling.
  • Brand recall: It helps in brand recall. Take an example of Oppo & Vivo with strong brand recall due to signage deployment across India.

Installation Do’s & Don’ts

  • One should select the type of signage to be installed wisely, following aspects should be kept in mind before selecting the signage type. Such as type of market (Metro/Tier1/Tier2) & Type of retail Outlet (A/B/C). ROI should be kept in mind while deciding the type of signage.
  • While placing the signage, positioning should be in such a way that it should not block the entrance of the store.
  • Signage should be installed at a visible space which should be considered as a hotspot for that retail outlet.
  • It should be clutter free & should not be filled with lot of information.
  • Material used in production of signage should be able to handle the normal climate.
  • Approval for the placement of signage should be taken in advance. Sometimes local govt authorities resists in installation. This happens due to blockage of road transport due to scaffolding used for the placement.
  • It should compliant with the safety & hazard measures set by local govt.

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