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The retail channel is a place of chaos and sensory overload. Amidst all that, we ensure that all you dream for your brand is realised; in store, on shelf, day in and day out. Whether it is execution at scale, or attention to detail, we as a leading visual merchandising agency - know what it takes to deliver excellence in execution.

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You Need a Visual Merchandising Agency If..​

​You want to improve your brand visibility but can’t find the time for the attention to detail it requires.
Your reach on ground is limiting you from being seen by the right audience.
Managing the visual aspect of a retail brand overall feels like a daunting task.
A Visual Merchandising Agency, and one as good as us, is a creative ally. We make sure that you are seen in the best light possible, literally. We do this with the help of two decades of experience and a Full Channel-Tech Stack that gives us a strong technological backing.
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A Visual Merchandising Agency That Delivers​


Predictable Execution

Predictable Implementation

A visual merchandising agency you can count on for consist- ent and reliable execution of Visual Merchandising (VM) and Signage initiatives, even in the face of market uncertainties. Our methodology, perfected over nearly two decades of expe- rience, combines meticulous planning and rigorous review processes to ensure that your brand creates an impact.


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Speedy Execution​

Logistics and operations SOPs developed with almost two decades of experience, we've got the planning part down to a science. From 14% increase in efficiency through PJP optimiza-tion to having a TAT of 7 days in Base & Branch Town stores, we're a Visual Merchandising Agency that doesn't leave any stone unturned or in VM language: any fixture unchecked.


Experience, Expertise, Excellence
Actionable Dashboards

Real-Time Visibility​

Our tech investments in visual merchandising programs mean that we have the capability to show you what is happ-ening, where, when. Zoom in to a store in Jhajjar or Erode, or zoom out to see whether the West of India is seeing more action from competition than East of India. With Channelplay as your visual merchandising agency partner, you will have the data to formulate insights, to take decisions that take your brand to the heights you want it to reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a visual merchandising agency?

A visual merchandising agency, as a third-party entity, specializes in designing and executing captivating displays and layouts for retail establishments. Their primary objective is to elevate the shopping experience for customers while effectively promoting products and brands. Through their expertise in strategic placement and creative design, they contribute significantly to enhancing the overall aesthetics and appeal of retail environments.

How does visual merchandising agency impact customer engagement and sales in retail?​

Visual merchandising agencies enhance customer engagement and sales in retail by creating eye-catching displays, optimizing store layouts, and curating sensory experiences. They attract more foot traffic, encourage impulse buys, and support consistent branding. Effective merchandising strategies increase conversion rates and average transaction values, driving overall sales growth.

What types of businesses can benefit from visual merchandising agency?​

Businesses benefiting from visual merchandising agencies include retail stores, grocery and supermarkets, hospitality venues, event organizers, and real estate companies. These businesses use visually appealing displays and strategic layouts to enhance customer engagement, attract more visitors, and boost sales.

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