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If customer is king, then your sales team is the undeniable kingmaker. But, finding the right people for your sales team even with so many candidates is one of the biggest challenges of our times. With 12,000+ people working across 80+ projects in 800+ cities on any given day, we humbly submit: we're a sales outsourcing company that knows how to build a great team.​

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You Need a Sales Outsourcing Company If..​

Finding the right talent pool is a constant stressor for you.
Sales team payrolling and training is eating into your productive time.
You're not satisfied with your sales performance tracking and analytics process.
A Sales Outsourcing Company, and one as good as us, can supercharge your sales process. From tapping into the best candidate pools to timely payrolling, we know how to get the best people out there for your brand.
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We're a Sales Outsourcing Company That Excels at​


Predictable Execution


It is one of the great ironies of our time that there so many people looking for a job, and so many recruiters missing even humble monthly targets. Over the years we have developed a richer ‘top of the funnel’ to make sure that recruitment of sales teams for our clients is never a challenge.


Career Management
Super-Efficient Helpdesk
Buddy Programs


There will be an agency that will tell you that there management fee for a sales force program is much (much) less than that of Channelplay. Well, what they will not tell you—because they know what should go in a pitch—is that monthly attrition of sales teams is invariably a percentage point for Channelplay teams compared to rest of the industry. A super-efficient helpdesk, buddy programs and even career management, all lead to this difference.


Experience, Expertise, Excellence
Actionable Dashboards


Dashboards, dashboards, and well, let’s say this one more time, dashboards. Rigour built over 15 years of managing projects for the best companies at scale, is what your brand needs, and is what we stand ready to deliver.


Full Channel-Tech Stack
Rigor, Retention, Recruitment


While this will—surely—come up elsewhere, it must come up here too. The rigour, the retention, the recruitment, and well, all of it is possible because we have made significant investments in channel-tech and you must check out everything we can do with channel data. Soon.



Your objective of deploying a sales team might be very specific, or very general. It may of course be somewhere in between. We have you covered. Our teams have sold sophisticated consumer electronics brands across the counter, gone looking for construction sites to figure out a deal for cement, found distributors for an FMCG brand. This list can go on, but you get the point.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a sales outsourcing company do?​

A sales outsourcing company provides comprehensive sales support by handling various aspects of the sales process on behalf of your business. This includes recruiting and training skilled sales professionals, generating and nurturing leads, managing sales operations, and ensuring timely payroll processing.

Who needs sales outsourcing in retail?

Retail businesses needing to expand quickly, optimize sales processes, or lacking internal sales expertise can benefit from sales outsourcing. It's ideal for business of all sizes, and companies entering new markets.

What services does a sales outsourcing company provide?

A sales outsourcing company offers services such as recruitment, training, lead generation, sales management, payroll processing, and performance tracking to enhance your sales operations and efficiency.

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