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100% Fill Rate for Bosch!

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100% Fill Rate for Bosch!

How do you turn a good loyalty program into a great one? With a top-notch on-field team, proper planning, and impeccable execution.

Bosch understood this and wanted to create a Field Operations Staff (FOS) team that could promote their loyalty app, drive sales of their tools and improve brand awareness across India.

Given the scale and complexity of the project, they wanted someone with experience in large-scale recruitment, payrolling, training, and management of FOS staff.

With 12,000+ people working across 80+ projects in 800+ cities on any given day, Channelplay was the clear choice for them.

We’ll tell you this, the challenges were many. Nationwide recruitment for such a specialized industry, increasing engagement on the loyalty app, and managing the field team, to name a few. But we knew what was needed was a well-thought-out strategy and even better execution.  

Using our experience, technology, and pan India network, we’ve maintained a 100% fill rate with a hiring turnaround time (TAT) of 7 days for Bosch.

We broke the tasks down into trackable components and utilized 1Channel – our Full Channel-Tech Stack – to create customized workflows. Thus achieving 90% or more of our month-on-month targets.

The increased engagement on their loyalty app and sales number led to the following comment from Bosch:

"Channelplay ensured the optimization of all FOS in a very professional and timely manner."

If you’re looking for someone who gets excited about sales outsourcing or B2B loyalty program management, then we’re your person.

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