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Channelplay’s Loyalty Triumph | Driving Success with Greaves Upahar

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Channelplay’s Loyalty Triumph | Driving Success with Greaves Upahar

The old business adage goes, “What gets measured gets done.” And Channelplay’s loyalty team got it done. Period.

Greaves Cotton had a loyal customer base, but they wanted to strengthen their relationship with their influencers (mechanics), who played a crucial role in driving sales and maintaining customer satisfaction.

To streamline the process of reporting and tracking the transactions, as well as build a mutually profitable relationship with the influencers (mechanics), Channelplay conceptualized a loyalty program, Greaves Upahar in 2019.

The app simplified the process of entering purchases and redeeming rewards. Mechanics could easily scan QR codes from the app to earn reward points on each transaction. The sales team also benefited from the app, as they could track the details of their mapped members through their own application.

"The mechanics have never been happier," exclaimed Program Manager, Nishi, at Channelplay. "Imagine having to type a 10-digit code every time for each item and send it via SMS when you could do the same by just scanning the QR code from the app. The ease of using the app is what has clicked with the mechanics."

The icing on the cake is the thoughtfully curated rewards catalogue, which has captured the imagination of mechanics, leading to a race to accumulate points that they can redeem.

“I am excited to have won this amazing dreams come true bike through Greaves Upahar Program. And redemption is so easy with the app,” says mechanic, Mantu Sao.

The success of the Greaves Upahar Program was not just measured in the mechanics' satisfaction. The program had over 23,000 registered members, with 11,000 being ‘active’ members. The redemption count had reached an impressive 12,340, resulting in a total of 271,567,241 points redeemed. And the value of these redeemed points, Rs. 5,43,13,448. Yes, more than 5 crores!

Such is the power of loyalty and rewards. With Channelplay's expertise and the innovative mobile app, Greaves Cotton has been able to strengthen its relationship with mechanics, driving sales and customer satisfaction to new heights. The Greaves Upahar Program is a perfect example of how a well-executed loyalty program can transform a company's success.


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