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Bosch traditional tools achieves sales breakthroughs

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Bosch traditional tools achieves sales breakthroughs

New York, negative. Minneapolis, negative. Sakura, negative. Nanda Devi, negative. Prashant is nowhere to be seen in the premises of Channelplay’s office!!! An excited Virendra, looking for his colleague, is unable to contain his excitement. After all, the client was all praises for Virendra, and he is on cloud nine! So, he retrieves his phone from his pocket and…

Hey! I checked the entire office. Where on earth are you???

Oh God. What happened? I left on half day.

Oh, all ok?

Yeah yeah. Was a bit under the weather. Tell me, what happened?

We rocked it. Again!

Amazing! Which client?

Bosch traditional tools.

Oh! That’s why your team looked all pepped up today 😁

Haha! The client is happy. Very happy.

Superb! What exactly did we do?

We've been doing end to end sales - Prog Mgmt for them. It's been amazing! 🤩

Impressive! Tell me more.

We hired and onboarded FOS in 40+ cities across India 👯

Good. And training?

Of course! We trained them on 1Channel and Be-Connected apps to hit their targets in the market. And then, daily guidance and support for their tasks 📚✅

Nice! So, what exactly are the FOS responsible for?

You won't believe it! They've visited 8000+ unique stores, where 6000+ were newly onboarded stores. They scanned tools and provided cashback rewards to 1300+ stores. And and and… they successfully activated 1300+ Be-Connected stores, of which 24% were previously inactive stores! 💪

Incredible results! Hard work really is paying off. Did we get any feedback from Bosch?

Oh, yeah! How does this sound: “We, from Bosch Power Tools are extremely happy with the kind of support we are getting from Channelplay. We are extremely happy with the agility shown by the team members in getting the things done quickly and without follow-up." 🙌😊

That's fantastic! It's all about teamwork. This quarterly party is going to be a blast.

Wait for it! 🥂

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