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Once upon a time, the channel seemed lost in data. The SFA app was not talking to the CRM app, and the loyalty app was passive-aggressively ignoring both. It was time to break the cycle. And so, on one common backend, a tool that delivers everything. SFA, CRM, channel loyalty, DMS, and, well, more. Ergo, our full channel-tech stack!

Very seamless, very integrated, very modular, and well, very full. Monitor, analyse, improve. Repeat. The future of channel-tech is here.

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"In the middle of the hiring process, we doubled the number and Channelplay has fully supported us and were able to match the expectations for 23 states together. When it comes to quality in our forte, we always Think of Channelplay!"

Khushboo Gul
Head offline Business HR/ OnePlus India

"The entire program was conceptualised by Channelplay. They have not only created visibility at the point of sale, they have communicated our various offerings to the merchants. One of the key highlights of the project has been the coordination on ground."

Alok Shinde
Assistant Vice President, Head of Trade Marketing, HDFC Bank

"Channelplay has been able to develop phenomenal dealer-distributor network through it's sales staff which has helped us grow in areas we have typically never grown and never focused on"

Mr. Arnav Maheshwari
Director D&H Secheron

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