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Lightning-Fast Delivery for Samsung

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Lightning-Fast Delivery for Samsung

Lightning Fast isn't enough to describe Channelplay’s execution. We deployed point-of-sale materials (POSM) across a whopping 1350 stores in North India!  

Tight deadlines? We had to cover Tier 1 cities by June 5th (6 days) and the rest by June 10th (11 days). The curveball? The final shipment of POSM arrived on June 1st, leaving less than 5 days with traditional couriers taking 4 days!

Channelplay in Action: Thinking Ahead

A slight delay wasn't an option. We exceeded expectations, not met them. Our daring plan? Dispatching up to 15 visual merchandisers (VMs) from upcountry locations to grab materials from nearby warehouses, all on the same day!

Imagine driving over 150 kilometers in scorching heat. That's the dedication that sets our people apart.

The Result: Impeccable Execution

The client expected a great campaign, but we delivered exceptional execution. We completed everything on time, with flawless quality.

No excuses, just results.

Want a retail marketing partner obsessed with efficiency, resourcefulness, and exceeding expectations? Look no further, come chat with us.

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