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11 Years of Visual Rigor for Samsung

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11 Years of Visual Rigor for Samsung

Everything plays a role in selling. The appearance, the mood, the lighting, everything plays a role. But this isn’t new information, so what’s so exciting about it?  

If you were to ask the Visual Merchandising department here at Channelplay, they’d say “Everything!". It is perhaps this unceasing excitement which has led to our 11-year long association with Samsung.

In 2013, Samsung was looking for an agency that could take charge of their Visual Merchandising execution and increase their reach in not just Tier 1 but Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities as well.  

Starting in the East region with 5,000 outlets in 500 towns across 5 states to now having 10,000+ outlets in 1,100 towns across 9 states in the North region we’ve come a long way.  

“In all our years of association, our client rating has always been above 90%”, said Anirban Roy, Deputy General Manager for Visual Merchandising at Channelplay Limited.

The key to this?

Market Localization and Mapping, Workforce Planning, Capability Identification Program, and Regular Quality Checks. And that’s not all, we follow Logistic and Operation SoPs developed from two decades of experience.

Samsung loves us for this! We, for our part, love 1Channel.  

1Channel - salesforce automation tool - is our in-house tech capability. Beat Planning, Performance Analysis, Time and Motion Analysis, and there's so much more that 1Channel does! We’ll have to send you another blog to talk about it all (would you like to read it?)

But with the numbers what we’ve also built is a relationship of trust with Samsung, that goes beyond that of a service provider and is of a partner. We actively share our insights based on our experience and research to ensure the best possible results for them.

Visual Merchandising is an age-old practice, but it is also one that requires continuous attention to detail. If you’re looking for someone to do that for you in the channel. Come have a cup of coffee with us.

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