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A powerful tool designed to solve the critical issue of information asymmetry that exists within large organisations, enabling seamless integration across all sales channels including your sales team, channel partners, distributors, customers and influencers. With our full Channel-Tech stack, easily use real-time data and insights for a multi-fold increase in productivity.


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Full Channel-Tech Stack Demystified

CRM for Lead Management

Why should a CRM be a compliance tool. We have inverted the paradigm by making a tool that sales teams love to use.  It provides a super user-friendly customer interaction with increased field team productivity through real time assists.

Sales Force Automation

Supercharge your sales team with a state-of-the-art automation tool that shall level up their game through real time insights and nudges that will immensely improve their productivity

Loyalty Solution

Boost your channel partners and influencers' involvement to the max with our loyalty solution, specially crafted to shower them with rewards and keep them motivated and stoked.

Signature Highlights



Assists help sales teams close more deals in less time by providing customer, opportunity, time, location and context sensitive assists. It helps to do the right things at the right time for the right opportunity.


Field First

Full Channel-Tech Stack can be deployed for any sales team or industry, but its best use is for field sales teams who run high velocity sales processes. The mobile user experience makes data input frictionless, and location and time aware features make the sales team more efficient and productive.


Infinitely Configurable

Designed from the ground-up to meet the most complex enterprise use cases through its configurability. With Full Channel-Tech Stack big customisation budgets and long delivery timelines are a thing of the past. Sales organizations can instead better use their budgets for sales team incentives.