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“It is easier to retain a customer than to get a new one,” a Sales Manager said in 1995. “It is easier to retain a customer than to get a new one”, a Sales Manager said in 2015. In all the years before and after the period whimsically highlighted, have words to that effect been said. They hold true. But, how do you design and run a retail loyalty program? The answer, in one glorious word, ‘Channelplay.’ ​

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You Need a Retail Loyalty Program If..​

​You want to build a better relationship with your influencer and channel partners.
You can't find the right strategy to increase your influencer and channel partners.
You're not satisfied with the active member rates of your current retail loyalty program
If the channel isn't playing to your tunes, a good B2B Retail Loyalty Program is your best bet. As the name might suggest, Channelplay knows how to create retail loyalty programs that delivers results and makes the channel play for you. With almost two decades of experience, numerous successful activations and an undying excitement about the channel, is what we bring to the table.
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Our Retail Loyalty Programs Work Because​


Enhancing User Experience

Strategic Program Design

Our retail loyalty programs stand out because we relentlesslyprioritize the active member rate, recognizing that regardless of their profession, every member is a person. This understa-nding guides every aspect of our programs, from rewardcuration and recognition to the user interface of our retail loyalty program app and having 50 regional languages capability.​


Elite Loyalty Solutions
Research Based Rewards
Member-Centric Engagement

Efficient Rewards and Recognition

Having made 75 Cr plus reward payout across retail loyalty programs for the most prestigious brands have made our rewards and recognition processes—arguably—the best in the industry.​


Experience, Expertise, Excellence
Actionable Dashboards

Seamless Full Channel-Tech Stack

Built on the amazing 1Channel backend, our loyalty app works rather elegantly. The highlight has to be the absolute control and flexibility we, and therefore you, have over your retail loyalty program with our in-house tech. Please write to us soon so we can give you a demo? We really love giving this demo. Such elegant tech.​

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