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100% Targets Achieved for Lloyd!

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100% Targets Achieved for Lloyd!

How should a company improve their retail branding? This is a question as old as retail stores themselves.  

The answer? Consistent execution, consistent execution and let me just say it one more time for good measure, consistent execution.  

Lloyd - India's leading consumer durables brand - understood this perfectly.  

In November 2022, Lloyd was looking for a partner to take up their pilot Point of Sale Materials (POSM) execution project.

They wanted someone who would cover all designated outlets within timelines, ensure consistency, and provide visibility of the whole process. Channelplay, emerged as the clear choice because we ticked all these check boxes and then some!  

Ensuring consistent POSM execution requires a well-trained and diligent team of visual merchandisers and cutting-edge technology that provides real-time updates.  

We have both in spades.

Our teams used their region-specific knowledge, long-standing vendor relationships and new-age technology to hire the best-in-class visual merchandisers for Lloyd.

And that’s not all, we conducted regular training and quality checks of POSM to ensure accuracy and adherence to the guidelines. Attrition was brought down with counselling and open conversations within the team.

1Channel - our Full Channel-tech Stack - gave Lloyd real-time visibility of the execution status and access to customisable dashboards.  

Setting up procedures for visiting the stores for the very first time while meeting the aggressive timelines that were set, was no cakewalk. But years of experience in the retail channel meant we easily skated over these initial hiccups, achieving 100% of the monthly targets.  

We started the pilot from Delhi and within 6 months Lloyd extended the program to 4 more states and currently we cater to 7 states across India.  

If you’re looking for someone to make your retail branding execution consistent, then: come chat with us.

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