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A Logistical Nightmare for OnePlus, Executed Overnight

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A Logistical Nightmare for OnePlus, Executed Overnight

Avi is fuming like a volcano as he realizes he's barely made any progress in the last 30 min, managing to cover merely 100 meters at the infamous Shankar Chowk. The rain has turned the roads of Gurgaon into a chaotic mess, and even his favourite playlist fails to soothe his frustrated soul. So, grabs his phone and pings his colleague, Rabani.

Hey, hey, hey!

No yaar. Stuck in jam. ⛈️ makes Gurgaon pathetic!

Oh God! That’s why I prefer Metro during rains. Anyway, let me cheer you up with some news!

Metro is truly a blessing. Finally someone with good news today. Is this about your client?

WHAT??!! HOW DO YOU KNOW? Have I been talking about it too much recently? Haha    It’s an overnight changeover this time

Yes, you've been talking about it way too much.   I'm so proud, be ready to give me a party. But, overnight! How? When? Why? It’s insane!

They are super aggressive for their OnePlus 5G. It is intense but also fun tbh. And they wanted us to do this changeover in 112 outlets

Wow, that’s a lot. But how did we do that?

You know… Numerous calls, presentations, 250+ fabric changeovers, eco-system changeovers, co-ordination with vendors, it all happened Clock ticked, people shouted instructions, tea flowed, and it came together. Just perfect

Ahaan! Look at you… Humble bragging…


OnePlus must be very happy

Indeed. “We appreciate your support…increased the brand visibility…critical timeline…commitment.”

Nice. Said by whom?

Actually, I am trying to believe xD JK. This is amazing. Your party is due 🍻

Done done 😁

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