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300% Revenue Growth for Turtle Wax

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300% Revenue Growth for Turtle Wax

“Innovation is the key to success.”

It is the most quoted, yet least followed principle of our times. But this is exactly what Channelplay did for Turtle Wax.

Turtle Wax, a premium car care brand, is known for crafting the best-in-class products. While their product was top-notch, they wanted a partner who could take their sales to the same level.  

Our Retail Sales Promoter Program has increased their year-on-year revenue growth by a staggering 300% and improved their brand visibility, customer engagement, and recruitment process.

A senior representative from Turtle Wax stated, "Channelplay has been pivotal in identifying our needs and tailoring their services to meet our requirements. We highly value our partnership with them."    

With our tried and tested recruitment strategy, we created a 60-member strong sales team within a hiring turn-around-time of 21 days. Thorough screening, regular training, and employee engagement led to a knowledgeable and customer-centric sales force.

Well-planned protocols and consistent training sessions have helped our sales team build brand loyalty among car enthusiasts. The brand visibility this created is now a cornerstone of Turtle Wax’s marketing strategy.

Operational excellence is the hallmark of Channelplay and we owe it to the investments we’ve made in - 1Channel - our in-house Full Channel-Tech Stack. We used real-time visibility, customizable workflows and market intelligence to improve sales efficiency for Turtle Wax.

Improving the dual metrics of employee productivity and employee satisfaction was another amazing win that we can talk endlessly about. Perhaps in another e-mail. Would you like to read that? Reply yes to this email if you would.  In the meantime, if you want to learn how we can do this for your brand, then: come chat with us!

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