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Canon's success soars with effective retail audits

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Canon's success soars with effective retail audits

Sharishti leaves the office later than usual today, feeling exhausted after a long and tiring day. With no energy left to cook, she decides to stop by Dominos at NSP for a quick meal. As she stands in the queue to place her order, she becomes aware of the person behind the counter looking at her with surprise, catching her in a moment of silly, self-induced smiling. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she swiftly takes out her phone and pretends to be engrossed in whatever is on the screen. However, her excitement is too much to contain, and she decides to share it with her colleague, Rizwan.

Hey! You busy?

Na…just got home. Have you reached?

No, I stopped by at Dominos 🍕

Oh, Miss Diet Conscious having a pizza! How did that happen? 😲

Haha. I thought I deserved a cheat day 😁


Yeah, happy food for happy mood 😛

And who’s the reason behind your good mood? 😛

Not ‘who’. It’s a ‘what’ 😎

I see… What is it?

Well well well… Canon. A happy client 💁🏻♀️

Kya din aagae hain… Client ki khushi me pizza khaya ja raha hai 😅

Haha, not just client ki khushi. The praises that came along with it 😎

Woohoo… What was the project? 🤩

Retail audits across in India. Canon was facing multiple challenges, you know… No planogram adherence, lack of ISD presence at the Pixma zone, and competition product placement!

Ouch. Walk me through your strategy 🤔

Well, we created a customized questionnaire addressing their concerns. And then conducted declared audits 🔍

That's brilliant! What were the results?

Canon gained valuable insights at the store level. And significant improvements in planogram adherence and hygiene scores 📈 After the 1st quarter, they achieved 57% compliance in all regions. And now, after 5 quarters, they stand at an impressive 79%! 💪

Wow, that's fantastic progress! Is it a new client?

No, been over six quarters now 😄

Amazing! We've developed a strong relationship with Canon 🫲


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