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Nykaa trusts Channelplay with PAN-India Recruitment

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Nykaa trusts Channelplay with PAN-India Recruitment

89% fill rate, 100% timely payrolling, and a strong sales team of 840 employees built in just two years.  

Writing these numbers makes them feel even more surreal! And the good news just keeps on coming;

“I’d like Channelplay to work with my new company as well!”  

Having a satisfied client feels great but having a project employee so impressed with the kind of work, processes and culture they were a part of, that they recommend you to their new company! Whew! This project has us feeling so many things, it’s best if you imagine it for yourself.

Imagine being contacted by Nykaa, a company that has taken India’s e-commerce scene by storm for their North region Salesforce Recruitment and Payrolling. And then, imagine them loving your work so much that they go on to trust you with their PAN India recruitment.  

Our superior recruitment processes and systems created a led us to create an on-field sales team that forms the backbone of Nykaa's offline sales.

How did we achieve this pinch-me-moment?  

For that you’ll have to do indulge in a bit more daydreaming.  

Imagine having seventeen years of experience that can create recruitment processes so efficient, you resolve any employee concern within 24-48 hours. Imagine being at the top of the compliance game in all the 28 states and 8 UTs of India. Imagine having a software so powerful that you can digitally onboard a new employee in just 2 hours.

But do you know the truly amazing part of all this? This isn’t a daydream, and this can be the reality of your business as well. All you must do is contact us.

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