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Channelplay's end-to-end program management for Acer

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Channelplay's end-to-end program management for Acer

Raghuvendra manages a retail store in Karol Bagh. The mismanagement of the salespeople at his store is giving him sleepless nights. Suddenly his memory is sparked by his friend Mona’s company, some Channel… He recalls her mentioning about her role, some end to end project management. Frustrated, he messages her.

Hey, Mona! Pls tell me you're up?

Hey Raghu, just finished dinner. What's up with you?

🤔Fri night, stressed at home. What did you cook today? 🤤

Nothing special, boring khichadi!
But what happened? Work stress?

Ugh! Don't ask!!
These salespersons I tell you. Real pain in the neck! 4 have resigned in the last two weeks! And then everyday issues, hiring new ones, training them, and what not!

I feel you. Told you to try us 😛

Hate it when you're right!
I guess it’s time.

Der aae durust aae! 😛

Anyway. Tell me what all you need to know!

First, update your LinkedIn. I forgot what company you are working at and I had no means to update myself!! 😤

Bwahaha  - Channelplay Limited. Now get to the point!

I remember you talking about your client - Acer, but like I forgot what company you were working for (LOL), I also can't seem to remember how your team managed the incredible results (in your language) for them

Sure. So with Acer, we did end to end project management. Hiring, training, deploying. you know...

Great, I don't mind taking Channelplay's help in end to end project management. Tell me more?

Haha, let me bore you with details 😛

💪 Regular reviews and setting daily/weekly targets. This motivated the field team and achieved our sales numbers as expected

🎥 Implemented a multi-level verification process, preventing any manipulation in the field. It ensured the success of the demo program

⌚ System-based attendance audit process for payroll. This resulted in 0% queries and smooth payroll processing

📚 Weekly induction processes to train new joiners, followed by assessments to check their understanding

💡 And then we provided product to ensure our field team is well-equipped to deliver the best experience to Acer customers

On a serious note, looks like Channelplay's efforts truly make a difference 💪

Absolutely! We expanded our presence in small towns and new exclusive stores, covering over 90 cities in just 6 months 😎

Woahh! Truly impressive! 🙌 Give me some numbers

Yes sir!

📊 Overall reporting improved from 85% to 98%, ensuring high quality and discipline in the field with minimum manual intervention

🔌 Our API integration resulted in smooth and error-free data-capturing and management in 1Channel, providing 100% transparency and visibility to the client regarding stock and sales📊

⌚ Daily attendance and hygiene audits helped us run payroll smoothly and maintain field hygiene at 95%+ 📋

I’m sold.👏 Clearly, your end-to-end program management has truly made a difference for Acer

Indeed. Kal office aajana. 💁🏻♀️

Done 😂

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