When to Consider Outsourcing Your Visual Merchandising: 7 Key Indicators

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When to Consider Outsourcing Your Visual Merchandising: 7 Key Indicators
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You've poured your heart and soul into crafting the perfect marketing campaign. The visuals are stunning, the messaging is on point, and you're confident your customers will be drawn in. But then reality hits. Foot traffic is good, but sales aren't meeting expectations. The culprit? It could be a gap between your marketing and your in-store experience. Beautiful visuals don't translate to sales if your physical store layout and product displays aren't optimised to convert browsers into buyers. One solution is to outsource your visual merchandising efforts. 

Visual merchandising is the art and science of creating store displays that sell. It combines product placement, lighting, storytelling, and traffic flow to influence shoppers and boost sales subconsciously. Think of it as the silent salesperson working tirelessly to convert browsers into buyers.

But is that what you need? 

7 signs that will tell you that it’s time to outsource your visual merchandising efforts:

1. You don’t have a visual merchandiser

Visual merchandising is more than just arranging products on shelves. A skilled visual merchandiser understands how to use lighting, product placement, storytelling, and traffic flow to create a compelling shopping experience that subconsciously influences buying decisions. Without this expertise, you might be missing out on crucial sales opportunities.

2. Your visual merchandising isn't consistent

Maintaining a consistent visual merchandising strategy across all your stores is crucial for brand recognition and the customer experience. Imagine having a cohesive brand experience across every location. However, ensuring consistency and quality in stores across India is easier said than done. Our retail merchandising software, 1Channel, has an unparalleled compliance procedure that maintains the same quality and gives you detailed reports about each location.

3. You want more time for your core business

From seasonal changes to restocking shelves, it can be a significant time commitment for your internal team. Outsourcing visual merchandising frees your staff to focus on core business functions like product development and marketing while ensuring your stores are optimised for conversions. Your team will be able to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives and areas of their expertise.

4. You want to stay ahead of the curve

The retail landscape continuously evolves, and visual merchandising trends are no exception. Outsourcing visual merchandising means you have access to experts who have their hands on the latest trends of visual merchandising and can ensure your store displays are fresh, innovative, and resonate with today's consumer. Digital signage is the ‘it’ thing to try that an expert will recommend to you!

5. Maintenance is taking up too much time

Maintaining eye-catching displays requires ongoing effort. One light not working, or one torn poster can off-put the entire visual merchandising effort. If setting up attention-grabbing displays takes effort, then maintaining them is another level of dedication. Outsourcing visual merchandising means you can have dependable, consistent, and dedicated efforts towards maintaining fixtures. It means your displays stay picture-perfect, day in and day out.

6. Coordinating with multiple suppliers is becoming a headache

Too many cooks are known to spoil the broth. Having to communicate new campaigns, deliver new fixtures on time, and record and maintain inventory for different suppliers in different regions is bound to become tiresome. Outsourcing visual merchandising means you can have one point of contact for all these things across all the regions. Simplifying your workflow while yielding uniform results.

7. You’re not getting good rates

Last but not least, getting the best rates can make or break your marketing budget. Outsourcing, and that too to Channelplay, means getting the best rates out there. It means access to industry expertise at a lower cost, freeing up capital for other business needs.

While we've discussed the telltale signs that should make you consider outsourcing visual merchandising, there are clear benefits of outsourcing visual merchandising as well! Do think it through before making a choice.