Digital Signages - The next big thing in retail communication

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Digital Signages - The next big thing in retail communication
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We're diving into the fascinating world of digital signages, and Channelplay is at the forefront of this innovative technology. As a trusted provider of visual merchandising and signage services, we have helped countless brands elevate their marketing strategies with captivating digital displays. From LCD screens to interactive kiosks, we know the power that digital signages hold in captivating customers' attention and driving brand engagement. With our expertise and passion for creating immersive experiences, we have become a go-to partner for brands seeking to unlock the true potential of digital signages.

Picture this: you're strolling through a bustling shopping mall, surrounded by countless stores vying for your attention. What catches your eye? Is it the traditional static signage that blends into the background? Unlikely. It's the vibrant, dynamic digital signages that grab your attention and entice you to explore further. That's the power of digital signages in today's modern marketing landscape.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertisements from every angle, digital signages provide a refreshing breath of fresh air. They cut through the chaos and captivate audiences like never before. With their high-definition displays, eye-catching animations, and interactive features, digital signages create a sensory experience that engages customers on a whole new level.

But it's not just about the "wow" factor. Digital signages offer immense versatility and flexibility for brands. Unlike their static counterparts, digital signages can easily adapt and change content with just a few clicks. Whether you want to promote a new product, showcase a limited-time offer, or even provide real-time information, digital signages have got your back.

Digital signages provide a canvas for creativity. You can deliver targeted messages to specific demographics, personalize content based on customer preferences, and even gather data to optimize your marketing strategies. It's like having a virtual salesperson who knows exactly what each customer wants and how to entice them.

Moreover, digital signages create an immersive and memorable experience for customers. They evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impression. By combining stunning visuals with interactive elements, brands can foster a deeper connection with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Digital Signages in retail footprints

Before launching any new campaign in retail, we often have to do backward planning. Sometimes even weeks before the actual launch, which brings its own challenges, and then last-minute minute hassles of not meeting the timelines of the launch. Most of the campaigns launched in retail footprints do not meet deadlines of covering 100% of the WOD due to one or another practical challenge which India, as a diverse country, has.

Moreover, the lifespan of the POSMs designed for placement at stores is very limited, and as a marketer, you don't have a tool to check how many eyes it captured or how many engagements it made. Thus, it's time for marketers to take help from technology and see how technology can optimize marketing performance.

Digital signages are the next big thing in retail communication, thus it's an answer to the most complex challenges a brand manager faces while launching a new campaign in retail footprints with a desire to reach every store within the limited time frame. Let's talk about some benefits of digital signages in retail:

Real-Time Tracking of Content Impressions & Engagement:

It helps answer the most important questions being asked by marketers. How many people watched it? It provides real-time tracking of people watching it with demographic filters.

Demographic-Based Content Trigger:

You can set your content with rules based on different demographics. For instance, you can play different content for males and females.

Real-Time Content Change & Control:

Once a POSM is deployed at a store, you don't have much control over it, except for a presentation that you can share with your management showing that it was deployed in-store. However, in this case, you can change the content anytime with a click of a button. It also gives you the freedom to play videos, run tickers, and display images simultaneously.

Long Lifespan:

A soft POSM (Paper-based POSM) has a life of not more than 5 days, and standees have a life of not more than 10 days except in special conditions. However, in this case, the lifespan of a digital signage kiosk is more than 12 months and even more depending upon terms agreed with the retailer.

Cost-Effective, Compared to Traditional POSM Deployment Method:

In the long run, digital signage deployment will cost you much lower than that of deploying a standee for an equal amount of time at an outlet. For instance, the cost of deploying a standee at an outlet for 365 days will cost an average of 262/day for 365 days. However, the cost of digital signage will be less than 180/day. Also, without the additional cost of measuring all the data/analysis/reporting, etc. Removing complexities of all hassles like courier, etc.

Strategic placement and personalization of Digital Signages


placement is crucial for maximizing the impact of digital signages. It ensures that your messaging is seen by the right people at the right time, increasing visibility and capturing your target audience's attention. To identify high-traffic areas, analyze footfall patterns and customer flow within your store or location, considering entrances, checkout counters, waiting areas, and popular attractions nearby. Once identified, choose appropriate display locations by considering factors such as eye-level placement, line of sight, and customer flow. Position signages at eye level, optimize the line of sight, and place them strategically along customer pathways. Additionally, install signages in dwell time areas where customers spend more time.

Personalization and interactivity take digital signages to the next level. Personalization adds a touch of customization by tailoring content to individual preferences, demographics, and data. It creates a sense of connection and value for customers. Interactive features, such as touchscreens, motion sensors, and QR code integrations, enhance engagement. Customers can explore products, access additional information, place orders, and enjoy surprise elements triggered by motion sensors. Personalization and interactivity elevate the customer experience, leading to longer dwell times, deeper brand connections, and increased conversions. By strategically placing signages and incorporating personalization and interactivity, you can create a powerful and immersive journey for your customers.

An unforgettable visual experience with Digital Signages

By strategically choosing the right type of digital signages, you can enhance your brand messaging in various ways. Whether it's through stunning visuals, interactive experiences, or personalized content, each type offers unique opportunities to captivate your audience and communicate your brand's story effectively. We, at Channelplay, understand the strengths and applications of each type, and we can help bring your brand messaging to life for an unforgettable visual experience with our visual merchandising services.

Digital signages have truly revolutionized the marketing game. They bring a dynamic, engaging, and interactive element that traditional signage simply can't match. So, if you're looking to make a bold statement in the crowded marketplace, it's time to embrace the power of digital signages. And with Channelplay's expertise by your side, you can unlock the true potential of this game-changing technology. Get ready to captivate your audience and take your marketing efforts to new heights!