4 Key Considerations for Seasonal Visual Merchandising Success

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4 Key Considerations for Seasonal Visual Merchandising Success
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As the smell of wet soil vanishes and spring approaches, retailers start their preparation for the next festive season. It’s time for crowded stores, with sparkling decor and colour banners all over the streets with magnificent seasonal delicacies being produced. However, seasonal markets have various objectives to overcome. Stores must manage their compliance with handling their merchandising in various seasons with various customers as they must cater to a diverse audience in a huge market to ensure profits rain high during each season.

What is seasonality in visual merchandising

In simple terms, seasonality in visual merchandising refers to products relevant during a specific time of the year. Predominantly products are targeted during a specific time frame due to a certain cultural or geographic event. This could mean anything from unique discounts during Diwali or New Year, or sales of products like cold drinks rising during the summer season, as there is a seasonal boost in the demand for such products. 

Importance of seasonality in visual merchandising 

Seasonal visual merchandising is more than just visual presentation as it is a purpose for selling the brand story to the customer and driving sales by creating a memorable shopping experience for them. Highlighting certain products such as traditional dresses during festival time or sweaters during winter causes enthusiasm and creates a place for impulsive buying in the market. Furthermore, they create a festive atmosphere for your store through the variety of changes witnessed during the year and changes in the store during the year. 

Implementing a subconscious link between the visual element and the current season to create an unforgettable shopping experience. This emotional link is strengthened even more by the festive displays evoking the emotions associated with the seasons. 

1. Change in POSM (point of sale marketing)

As each season changes, there are changes in the environment, which should be displayed by POSM. Keeping your POSM updated with messages and promotions resonating with changes in the season to create an atmosphere that encourages the feeling of the featured season. Use eye-catching colorful signage with local celebrities or models featuring various languages to reach a wider community and in-store audience with specialized tailored PSOM. 

Example: During Holi, specialized POSM could focus the spotlight on special offers regarding washing machines. 

2. The hiring of a seasonal specialist in visual merchandising 

During peak seasonal times, consider hiring a specialist to generate more effective sales when the demand is high. This additional effort can help combat the increasing workflow as well as be a difference maker to take your visual presentation a step further from your competitors. This would also guarantee a seamless transition between seasons as the adjustment towards the displays would be managed.

Example: Hiring a well-experienced visual merchandiser through companies like Channelplay which would provide a visual merchandiser specializing in Indian cultures and design to make sure displays are striking and culturally appropriate. 

3. Upgrades in signage 

The usage of digital signage is more cost-efficient as it creates more opportunities for more creative and technologically advanced signage. Through digital signage’s flexibility, many different seasons can be covered through a single signage reducing the need for buying new signages. But to create cost efficiency, the use of chaos boards and handmade signage such as Warli paintings can add pride in culture and create a unique aesthetic look for your seasonal display.

Example: During Diwali using a chaos board to put rangoli on creates a more culturally favorable environment and through its look can attract more customers.

4. Keeping up fixture maintenance 

Maintaining your fixtures regularly to ensure that your seasonal display has an air of polish is good practice. During peak seasonal times there is an influx of customers and improper fixtures might take away from the overall design and consumer experience. Investing in regular fixtures and maintenance to retain the look of the store can set you apart from the crowd.

Example: Proper fitting of racks and seats that are well maintained would allow them to have a longer lifespan and would be useful and could be used in more creative ways in different seasons.

Your store can be a primary destination by embracing and enforcing these strategies, you can create a dynamic and engaging visual merchandising display that connects with your customers and generates sales all year long. All the problems can be fixed in one location. Channel Play offers freelancers and experienced merchandisers to assist you in overcoming these challenges and telling an engaging story about the design of your business. We'll strengthen your brand and raise sales together!