Is Your Loyalty Program Forgotten or Phenomenal?

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Is Your Loyalty Program Forgotten or Phenomenal?

Is Your Loyalty Program Forgotten or Phenomenal?

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Loyalty programs for the channel are a compelling idea for the retail marketer, but given the harsh realities of the market, they often languish. Typically a large set of members is enrolled, but in terms of activity a number of these loyalty programs settle at next to nothing. 

A recent Channelplay survey found that 42% of members were unaware of loyalty programs, and 23% had simply forgotten about them.

This dilemma is not unique to a single brand, as even the most incentivized "legacy" programs begin to rust if they don’t have active members.
ACTIVE members!

At Channelplay, we consider our members ‘active’ if they engage with our program at least once a week. And generating a few thousand active monthly users is a breeze with most of our loyalty programs.

When asked about the driving force behind the tremendous triumph of Channelplay's loyalty channel, Sundeep Holani, the CEO, emphatically replied, 'Communication, communication, and communication!'"

“We understand that the cornerstone of a successful loyalty program is personalized communication that resonates with every member. Therefore, we employ a range of channels, even local languages, to ensure that each member feels seen and appreciated. Our commitment to improvement is unwavering, as we measure our program's effectiveness both objectively and subjectively,” he adds.

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