Top 7 challenges a visual merchandising agency has solved for clients

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Top 7 challenges a visual merchandising agency has solved for clients
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The visual experience of a brand extends far beyond a simple banner or an attractive tagline. It covers all parts of communication interactions, creating a storyline that resonates with the customer. Retail, previously seen as a compartmentalised institution, has evolved into a seamless omnichannel experience where visual merchandising agencies play a crucial part in competing with your store story while making it appealing to the customer.

Today, brands must express themselves in a cohesive story accessible across all avenues using physical stores, e-commerce sites, and social media. In this holistic environment, visual merchandising agencies are critical in connecting customers and brands through an engaging customer experience. However, closing this gap between brand vision and customer satisfaction poses various sets of obstacles.

Top 7 Challenges that a Visual Merchandising Agencies has solved: 

1. POSM Deployment for Samsung 

Challenge: Samsung had the challenge of maintaining constant visibility and presence at every point of sale throughout India. This required a consistent and scalable deployment of POSM, such as banners, stickers, and promotional material. 

Solution: Channelplay widened the deployment of various POSMs, ensuring that Samsung's branding was up to par and was visible in retail areas. For the past 11 years, we have handled this process, considered evolving market tactics and promotion demand while maintained a consistent brand and consumer presence. 

2. Coverage of Outstation Management for Xiaomi 

Challenge: Xiaomi's presence in distant and inaccessible markets has slowed down its market presence and brand recognition in such regions. 

Solution: Channelplay expanded our operations to these outsized places, ensuring that Xiaomi's promotional materials reach their highest level of market dominance. This covered logistical planning, distribution, and control of POSM in remote locations, enhancing Xiaomi's market presence and reach. 

3. Improving QR visibility for HDFC 

Challenge: HDFC Bank’s QR codes used for digital transactions received eased visibility, affecting their acceptance and usage among customers. 

Solution: Channelplay addressed this issue by designing and distributing additional posters and signs. Planning QR signage near the pay register improved a lot in terms of visibility and usage. We also promoted the use of QR soundboxes and the distribution of 40,000 QR banners in various areas. This elaborate approach substantially raised the visibility and use of HDFC QR codes, allowing for quicker and more frequent digital transactions. 

4. Enhancing Digital Signage for OnePlus 

Challenge: One Plus needed to upgrade its digital signage to increase brand exposure and customer interaction and to take a more futuristic approach to set it apart from the competition. 

Solution: Channelplay upgraded and updated OnePlus's digital signage capability through a collaboration. This included deploying high-quality digital signage, ensuring smart shopping placements, and updating materials regularly to keep them new and entertaining. This resulted in a store that is more interactive and brand-aware for customers. 

5. Fabric Change and New Creations for Asus 

Challenge: Asus had the challenge of maintaining its store update and keeping it up-to-date while also maintaining fixture repair regularly to keep the environment appealing and current. 

Solution: Channelplay handled the process of fabric change, which included managing and creating a new display (e.g., a 30% sale). This involves the design, manufacturing, and installation of new visual merchandising elements. This regular improvement guarantees that Asus stores remain appealing and in line with current market trends.

6. Asset management for Xiaomi 

Challenge: Xiaomi needed to effectively manage and maintain store furniture and other assets to create a consistent brand experience across all retail stores.

Solution: Channelplay partnered with an asset management service, including tracking, maintaining, and upgrading shop fixtures and displays. This resulted in regular checkups, keeping all the store's assets in the desired shape and matching the brand image, resulting in a favourable client experience. 

7. New Creations and Management for Lenskart 

Challenge: Lenkart faced updating stores regularly and maintaining visual merchandising consistency across all stores.  

Solution: Channelplay created new visual merchandising displays and performed a thorough routine checkup. This includes developing new displays, installing the displays, and maintaining those displays. These approaches helped Lenskart maintain a consistent and desired retail atmosphere, drawing consumers and increasing revenue. 

Is your brand ready to unlock the power of merchandising with the help of a visual merchandising agency? Channelplay can help you create an in-store atmosphere that drives customers and enhances sales. So, let's develop a visual story that connects with your customer. Contact us right away.